Before the 2016 Games Begin, Look Back on These 10 Olympic Milestones for Women

Though the ancient games may have allowed for women’s participation, women first took part in the modern Olympic Games in 1900—with 22 women competing in only golf and tennis. We’ve made progress since then—as of 1991, any new sport seeking to join the Olympic program must have an equivalent women’s competition—but inequities in treatment persist.

Nonetheless, women have shaped Olympic history, and no doubt will continue to do so. These are ten historic milestones for women we’re looking back on as the world watches Rio.




Juliette Faraone studied digital media and film at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College before earning her BA in comparative literature from the University of Evansville. In addition to being an editorial intern at Ms., she is a staff writer for Screen Queens. Her work has also appeared at Lesbians Over Everything, Slant and The Zusterschap Collective. In her spare time, Juliette watches Netflix via Skype with her girlfriend and three cats.