Then + Now: Binaca

This Binaca ad (left) we found in the the April ’73 issue of Ms. seems incredibly wholesome–and feminist–compared to this ad in Rolling Stone (right) that Ms. ran as a “No Comment” in our most recent issue.  It’s too bad Binaca now believes in “sex sells” over “sisterhood sells”…



    1. Whoa! How did we get here???

    2. Ah capitalist market forces! I wish there was a way to make sisterhood eternally attractive in the advertisement industry…

    3. snobographer says:

      It’s easy, Fredrika. Just don’t assume everybody who sees an advertisement or buys a product is a heterosexual man.

    4. hollytomlinson says:

      Or that the only thing that motivates a heterosexual man is heterosexual sex.

    5. snobographer says:

      hollytomlinson, that’s crazy talk! Next you’ll be telling me women buy steel-belted radials and men buy cleaning products!

    6. samuel welsh says:

      very sexist

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