Anti-Abortion Extremists Go to “Hell”

In the escalating fury of anti-abortion groups since George W. Bush left office, Operation Rescue/Operation Save America (OR/OSA) has announced that protesters will storm “the gates of hell” to shut down family planning clinics in Charlotte, N.C. the week of July 17-24.

Even though OR/OSA’s head extremist, Phillip “Flip” Benham, was recently arrested in Charlotte for stalking and for violating a South Carolina law against residential picketing, his organization is still determined to harass doctors and patients. But as part of its National Clinic Access Project, the Feminist Majority Foundation is trying to prevent Benham and the other protesters from setting up ladders and scaffolding on the property of the Family Reproductive Health Clinic and using amplified sounds systems to scream at patients from ladders on the other side of a 6-foot fence.

Even more unsettling have been threats against abortion-providing doctors in Charlotte, as Benham has plastered the clinics and home neighborhoods of two doctors with menacing “WANTED” posters that include threatening language as well as their names and addresses of their private offices and homes. The posters encourage people to contact the doctors, “expose [them] to the powerful Gospel of Christ” and make them stop “killing babies.” At least three abortion providers who were murdered in the past had been similarly targeted with “WANTED” posters that were distributed publicly.

Pro-choice activists are calling on the federal government to prosecute OR/OSA under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act of 1994 (FACE) and other laws for threatening at least four South Carolina doctors, including those shown on the posters. In 2002, a federal appeals court found similar posters constituted FACE violations, in part because they were tantamount to death threats (“Wanted: Dead of Alive”). Why, despite that ruling, has OR/OSA so far been allowed impunity to put up the posters and threaten physicians?

One of the recent campaigns led by Operation Rescue also uses scare tactics to intimidate providers: The “Abortion Whistleblowers” campaign appears to offer a $10,000 reward “for information leading to the arrest and conviction of abortionists who are breaking the law.”  The campaign’s promotional video, narrated by Operation Rescue leader Troy Newman, features a graphic of handcuffs and a cop car, accompanied by the “Bad Boys” theme from the  TV show Cops--which asks “what’cha gonna do when they come for you?” Attempting to scare workers into teaming up with Operation Rescue and ratting out others in their clinics is creating an atmosphere similar to McCarthyism and the Red Scare. OR/OSA seems to be warning, “if you don’t join us, we’ll come after you too.”

Anti-choice picketers and “sidewalk counselors” may have other agendas beyond just protesting. They closely watch the commuting habits of doctors and their staff, monitoring how they enter and exit their clinics, homes and other places they regularly visit, such as churches. They sometimes report these details on the Internet, even posting YouTube videos. In his trial for murdering abortion provider George Tiller, Scott Roeder admitted that he thought about different ways of killing Tiller and used knowledge gained as a clinic protester to help plan his murder.

The Feminist Majority Foundation will be organizing and mobilizing pro-choice supporters to  defend the Family Reproductive Health Clinic’s doctors, staff and patients–along with other reproductive health care providers in the Charlotte area–over the next few months; join in if you can! You can also make a donation to help protect abortion clinics throughout the U.S. here.

ABOVE: “Flip” Benham accuses photographer Mark Lyon of being “godless and supporting abortion.” Photo courtesy of Mark Lyon / CC BY 2.0


  1. OR/OSA is a domestic terrorist organization. It is the responsibility of every level of government to protect the doctors and clinics. It is reprehensible that this kind of bullying and harassment is allowed to continue under the guise of Free Speech. How many more doctors and/or clinic workers have die before we deal with this honestly?

  2. hmmm middle aged white men from the south who feel that there way and “jesus”s way is the only way… wonder what other organization they belong to that use an acronym for their name

  3. I was thinking the very same thing as poster, Andy! This middle age to old men, syndrome is unbelievable. Maybe they have a guilty conscience from something they did in their past?

  4. What the clinics should do is simple:

    Don’t schedule any procedures during that week, and give their employees a one-week vacation. That way the idiots can show up and blockade empty buildings, scream to their hearts’ content, and basically make asses of themselves over nothing.

  5. Great points should be discussed and appropriate knowledge for the readers of this blog,every issues description was informative.Thanks

  6. Cactus Wren says:

    Great idea, Ellid, unless you happen to be a woman who needs an abortion that week.

    And except for the fact that if that happens, then they’ll have accomplished, even if temporarily, exactly what they’re trying to do. They will in fact have SHUT DOWN THE CLINICS.

  7. JusticesTiger says:

    If we let them shut down the clinics or slow us down in anyway from exercising our federally mandated right to get an abortion they win. I for one will walk every single woman into the clinic in my city, if that’s what it takes. Have some headphones, here is an umbrella, ignore those goons and we’ll be on our way.

    I do however love the fact that most of the people in that picture are men, who will never have to make the choice, unless a female s/o chooses to include him in it.

  8. I put Operation Rescue and Operation Save America right up there in the same category as al-Qaida. Terrorism is terrorism.

    What Operation Rescue and Operation Save America is doing 140 miles to my north (in Charlotte) is NOT free speech like they want to claim. It is harassment and terrorism.

  9. prochoicesd says:

    During OR’s “Summer of Mercy”, Dr. Tiller shut down his clinic. But OR claimed victory and decided to extend their time spent there. If you close for one week, they will stay two. We can’t let them win.

  10. Please let us know how we can support the clinic while it is under siege: escorts, donations, you name it!

  11. Belle of Acadie says:


  12. Belle of Acadie says:

    (the anti-abortion extremists that is)

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