Then + Now: The Disembodied Woman

Many thanks to our reader who wrote in comparing a Spike TV ad for a sitcom about college football (left, featured in the No Comment section of the Winter issue of Ms.) to this 1978 Hustler cover (right). Appears that, after 32 years, we’re still hanging women up like pieces of meat. Thanks a lot, Larry!

LEFT TO RIGHT: photo of Spike TV ad campaign; cover of Hustler, June 1978.


  1. wow…not really all that surprised though. However, the Hustler cover looks a lot more distrubing!..

  2. Hunh. Imagine someone used an image of a chopped off penis in an ad like this. Say, a “fresh” image of a dick going into a meat grinder. I wonder if Spike tv would defend that!

    Gentlemen, if women are “meat”, then logically you are meat, too. Why is it so hard to accept?

  3. My friend Ginger Canzoneri, one of the early feminist artists, actually created a “penises in the meat grinder” response to that Hustler cover back in the day…

  4. Agreed: the Hustler cover is “disturbing.”

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