House Passes Reform; Feminists Speak Out On Abortion Fight

Late Sunday, close to midnight, the House of Representatives passed by 219-212 a health care reform bill that will provide health insurance to tens of millions of uninsured Americans.

But feminist groups are speaking out over the singling out of abortion in the health-care debate, and are vowing to fight the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funds for abortion for poor women.

Read statements from NARAL, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Frances Kissling and Feminist Majority President Eleanor Smeal (below), who announces an “independent campaign against Stupak and Pitts”:

Feminist Majority blasts Bart Stupak (D-MI) and announces independent expenditure campaign to dump both Stupak and his co-sponsor, Joseph Pitts (R-PA). Their callous disregard for women’s lives cannot be forgotten or ignored.

As America is on the brink of expanding health care access for millions of people, Stupak and Pitts worked to hold health care hostage at the expense of poor women. We’re fed-up with Congressmen Stupak and Pitts and their total disregard of poor women’s lives, and their sanctimonious forcing of their extreme ideology on all Americans.

They cynically plotted and planned, until they got their way. We question did they plot and plan at C-Street, home of an extreme secret religious group?

Meanwhile as they mercilessly work against the rights of poor women, they both have not had to answer questions about their mysterious connections to C-Street, and its nefarious political deals and sex scandals. You can bet, this time, they will have to answer to their constituents.

We believe opponents of women’s rights and proponents of the Hyde Amendment, which denies poor women access to abortion, have had a free ride for too long. No more free rides. Win or lose, they will be challenged.


  1. Glenda McCarthy says:

    We need to “blast” not only Stupak but the Democratic Party leaders — including Obama and Pelosi — who’ve been ready to sell out women for this absurd “reform”. Obama made deals with the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies from the start and did nothing to fight for women’s rights. Enough! He and other Democratic Party leaders need to be called on this!

  2. We need to keep our focus on anti-choice politicians. Whether we like it or not, Nancy Pelosi and Pres. Obama just didn’t have the votes. Let’s target the anti-choice Dems and Reps who held health reform hostage on behalf of the Catholic Bishops and Christian fundamentalists.

  3. Democratic leaders have been actively cultivating anti-choice Democrats for quite awhile now. They call it the big tent strategy. The NOW PAC issued an alert five years ago to protest Democratic leaders muscling pro-choice Barbara Hafer out of the race to replace Rick Santorum, in favor of Bob Casey. See This was far from an isolated incident. After the House passed the initial bill last November, Gloria Feldt, ex-President of Planned Parenthood, wrote about how Democratic leaders “built their own Trojan horse and rolled it right into the center of the party’s soul:” The Democrats’ Dilemma: Their Own Trojan Horse Kicks Free (on her blog at It is a sad day when the Hyde Amendment is considered non-negotiable by a pro-choice Democratic President, and worse language in the Senate bill is considered moderate. Democrats simply do not place much of a priority on women’s rights, their lofty rhetoric notwithstanding, and that shows no signs of reversing.

  4. BJ Conrad says:

    Anyone considered eliminating Viagra from being funded by the health care bill and from insurance coverage? Talk about a medicine of choice! And Could there be any connection between Viagra and births?? So why is Viagra not considered the perfect quid pro quo in negotiating the inclusion of abortion in Health care and insurance? Is Viagra a taboo subject? And if so why are we women paying for it? Do any men who use Viagra impregnate women? Why are we omen not jumping on this obvious relationship? Can we get on board with this? No more asking for the favor of abortion inclusion; instead a leveraged negotiation. Whaddayasay?

  5. Hi, I want to respond to the previous 5 comments: It is not a question of corporations…that being said: exposure is necessary, especially, in this society (capitalism-imperialism). But, it is a question of what kind of system overtly promotes the oppression and subjugation of women. I invite people to read Bob Avakian’s “Unresolved Contradictions, Driving Forces for Revolution” particularly the first part “Once More on the Coming Civil War… and Repolarization for Revolution” ( and please write to offer your comments. Thank you very much, Amina –

  6. Why wasn’t Terry O’Neill’s statement on passage of the health care legislation included? As President of the country’s largest and oldest feminist organization, I can’t believe her statement was omitted. In fact, it was the most incisive, accurate analysis of any I have read. Check out NOW’s website for it at Shame on you!

  7. melody marks says:


  8. Mimi Jennings says:

    I had been contributing $5/month to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee until this vote. I’ve canceled that and begun contributing the same amount to Emily’s List. I told the DCCC:

    “I’m disappointed in the DCCC as a vehicle for helping elect pro-choice members of congress, which is an issue I feel strongly about… We need leadership on this question. We need observations like Michael Moore’s question, ‘If you really believe your own life began at fertilization, why doesn’t your birth certificate show a date nine months earlier than the one you celebrate?'”

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