From the Stacks: Heavy Where She Has to Take the Strain

While we’re not exactly sure what this was advertisement was for, (some sort of construction equipment?) but it’s still ridiculously offensive no matter what you’re selling. Featured in the No Comment section of the March 1975 issue of Ms.

Caption reads “from an advertisement in Construction News, submitted by Anita Schnee, London, England.”


  1. Bill Localio says:

    Lighten up! This ad is 35 years old and it’s so outrageous it’s kind of funny. Let’s focus on current things, like oppression of women in some Arab countries, the continued discrepancy in pay, and how we seem to train young male athletes to think that they are as entitled to women as sexual playthings as they are to getting the ball and shooting.

  2. Umm, Bill, there’s a whole blog here full of hundreds of smart posts on the topics you mentioned, plus more that you didn’t. Just fyi. Ms. has a pretty good grasp on the different types of oppression that women currently suffer, and bloggers here tackle nearly every feminist issue under the sun. You should check it out! As for the ad, it’s pretty astonishing how offensive it is, and it’s a good indication that feminist journalism has made a significant impact in only 35 years. Not that there isn’t work to be done.

  3. Clara Fischer says:

    This ad is so blatantly violent, and yet, I wonder how much has really changed? The sexual violence is perhaps still there, but in a different form – with women now portrayed as enjoying the sexual violence on display throughout various media. I agree with you Annie, though, at least this kind of obvious violence has been countered by feminists – we just need to continue working on the more insidious stuff.

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