Sarah Palin is Not a Feminist

Not to dismiss Shakespeare, but in some cases what’s in a name really does matter. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is pushing the boundaries of what it can possibly mean to be a feminist by boldly dropping the f-bomb in a speech to the Susan B. Anthony List, a PAC that supports anti-choice congressional candidates. According to Palin, and some surprising supporters, she has every right to consider herself a feminist–all she has to do is call herself one. Is that all it takes? Can anyone be a feminist, no matter their political agenda?

Granted, there has always been disagreement among feminists on certain issues. I’m thinking here about some of the Great Debates, discussions that still come up with regularity in my women’s studies classroom. These conversations center on issues like prostitution, pornography, religion–or maybe if feminists can wear makeup and high heels. On these issues, it seems to me, most feminists have agreed to continue talking–or have agreed to disagree. These are issues of personal interest and, for the most part, rest on personal values. But on other issues, there is no room for dissent. When it comes to taking away other women’s freedoms, other women’s rights, there is no room for debate. And let there be no doubt, Palin and company are all about making women’s choices for them.

In her speech, Palin focused on her own experiences–first finding out in 2007 that the child she was carrying had Down syndrome, later becoming the mother of a pregnant teen–as touch points in her stance against abortion rights. Because for Palin, her personal experiences are universally applicable. Never mind that she has resources (race, class, education, income) unavailable to many, if not most, American women.

That’s the problem with Palin and those like her who would take away abortion rights. They can’t see that the choices they have made are not necessarily options for someone else. Additionally, they can’t see that no one is asking them to make different choices, only asking that others be allowed to make their own decisions of conscience. When it comes down to it, that is what feminism is about–leaving everything on the table and respecting people enough to make informed choices for themselves.

But some feminists are giving Palin a pass in spite of her anti-choice stance. Los Angeles Times columnist Meghan Daum writes that if Palin “has the guts to call herself a feminist, then she’s entitled to be accepted as one.” That’s it. That’s the criteria. Daum defends her claim with the suggestion that more liberal feminists have dropped the ball, noting that many young women are more likely to adhere to feminist ideals without going so far as to call themselves feminists. Daum suggests that those who align themselves with a more traditional, liberal feminism have only themselves to blame for the current situation: “I’m not surprised Palin has seen fit to seize this dying nomenclature and rehabilitate it to meet her needs.”

That’s just wrong. A movement isn’t built on numbers, it’s built on values. And Palin’s “needs” are garnering votes for a political party that is at odds with the best interests of women.

Jessica Valenti responded to Palin, and those like Daum who support her claim to feminism in a recent Washington Post column, offering a definition of feminism that addresses what they seem to missing, or misunderstanding. Valenti writes, “Feminism is a social justice movement with values and goals that benefit women. It’s a structural analysis of a world that oppresses women, an ideology based on the notion that patriarchy exists and that it needs to end.”

By that, and any other reasonable definition, conservative politicians, particularly those who would deny women reproductive choice, can’t just find the “guts” to call themselves feminists and make it so. Sarah Palin is not a feminist. Feminism isn’t something one can merely claim. It is something one has to earn by virtue of one’s actions, and Palin has done nothing to earn the title.

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  1. Melissa says:

    I’m not disagreeing with you, I’m just working things out for some personal clarity because I’m not sure how I feel about Palin calling herself a feminist. This conversation made me consider: What IS a feminist? Is a person’s stance on abortion ultimately what decides whether or not a person is a feminist? I got to thinking that maybe anyone who starts sentences with “A woman should/shouldn’t be allowed to…” is not a feminist. But that doesn’t necessarily hold up with those Great Debate issues you mentioned. Aren’t there feminists out there who would say “A woman should/shouldn’t be allowed to be a prostitute?” I just don’t know.

  2. Ecobabe says:

    Melissa, I think you’re missing the main point of the post, which is summed up in Valenti’s quote that “Feminism is a social justice movement with values and goals that benefit women. It’s a structural analysis of a world that oppresses women, an ideology based on the notion that patriarchy exists and that it needs to end.”

    So the question isn’t “Should a woman be allowed to be a prostitute?”. The questions are more like “How do we dismantle a patriarchal social and economic framework that puts women in the position of needing to commodify their bodies in order to earn income (or makes that more lucrative than other options available to them)”?

    Sarah Palin (and/or the overall Republican/Tea Party political agendas) can hardly be characterized as espousing values and goals that benefit most women. Irrespective of her views on any particular issue, THAT is why Sarah Palin is not a feminist.

  3. There’s no debate on what a feminist is: A feminist supports feminism which is equal rights for women. That means the rights to make decisions about themselves and for themselves. That means the right to a legal abortion if they want or need one. Sarah Palin is not a feminist.

  4. Shirlee Geiger says:

    I teach feminist philosophy and ethics, and every term the question comes up whether it is possible for someone to be a pro-life/anti-choice feminist OR if that is the one and only “litmus test” for being a member of our movement…

    If we disagree on the sex industry, on whether there can be feminist porn, on the role of religion (feminist ministers busily reclaiming “god talk”), on women in the military, on whether women CEOs making decisions to scorch the earths are feminist role models…. well, then, I think we can disagree on abortion rights, too. We have wonderful feminist fore-mothers who believed that a devaluation of women’s sacred ability to create new life would be one of the tragic and anit-women results of a political emphasis on abortion rights. They had some wisdom, in my opinion.

    I am not willing to cast them out of the feminist circle. And that means I will not cast Palin out for her anti-choice views, either.

    • Many feminist fore-mothers were racist. They were flawed and misguided on many points including abortion.

      If they were alive today would they be racist? I would hope not. If they were alive today would they be anti-choice — highly unlikely.

    • I am a feminist. I am pro choice. I do not want to be a part of an exclusive movement wherein we must all agree on every moral (or even social) issue. We are free-thinking intelligent individuals with a common belief. Equality.
      So although I will continue to protect my sister's right to choose. I am also willing to hear sisters who feel differently. Pro-lifer's call themselves pro life because that is that they believe themselves to be, Pro Life, not Anti choice. It is not a conspiracy to rob women of their rights it is a genuine moral belief. It is not one I share. I do not know, however if it means that they do not believe in the equality of men and women.

      I do not agree with the Koran on women's issues. Do I think that a Muslim woman can call herself a feminist?

  5. I really think that to give any free media space to Palin is giving her credit for her short mind. she doesn’t deserve any comment, article, or word. I feel sorry for her, but I don’t blame her she is the product of her surroundings.

  6. Shirlee,
    Thank you for your thoughts, but your logic implies that any woman who says she is a feminist is a feminist. That’s simply not true. One of the basic tenents of feminisim is that a woman has control over her own body. That is inherent within feminism. People who don’t support a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body, such as abortion, are not feminists.

  7. I wonder of many of the readers of this post know that SOME of the so-called ‘feminist’ leaders that have come out in support of Palin have actually been on her payroll? During the campaign, Shelley Mandell, past President of NOW, who openly stumped for Sarah, was reimbursed by McCain-Palin for ‘expenses’ – according to disclosure reports. Elaine Lafferty, who wrote the infamous “Palin is a Brainiac” puff piece for the Daily Beast, was on the campaign payroll as ‘consultant.’

    Indeed, Ms. Lafferty has even been shown to have received money from SarahPAC, in the months following.

    Do not always believe all that you read, mistaking it for journalism. It may be just chump change.

  8. Fine, if you want to be anti-abortion and be a feminist, do so: fight for and believe in a government that provides free & excellent childcare & health insurance to the mothers & children; support & construct a robust open-adoption system where parents who do not feel they can do the best by their children can be supported in the difficult job of bringing them to term & placing them; ensure there is a safety net for families that can afford extra children without becoming unsafe places to grow up; fight to ensure that children who come into families not as prepared for them as yours was are not abused & neglected.

    Don’t believe government should get involved in supporting the lives of women who unintentionally get pregnant? Then don’t reduce women’s choices or you are not a feminist.

  9. SayBlade says:

    “Never mind that she has resources (race, class, education, income) unavailable to many, if not most, American women.”

    Not to mention government health care she received as Governor of Alaska.

    Hasn’t she or her daughter ever heard of birth control?

  10. No, Sarah Palin has never heard of birth control. That is why she says she is pro-contraception and that children should learn about contraception in school, and why she has five children, not twenty.

    What about that health insurance reform bill that Obama just signed? Is someone going to tell me that will not make it even more difficult for poor women to exercise their right to choose abortion? Is that not reducing women’s choices? Why is there no blog entry here questioning whether Barack Obama is a feminist? There is one celebrating the nomination of Ms. Magazine for a Best Cover prize because of that cover picture of Obama wearing a This is What a Feminist Looks Like shirt. ( Obama claims to be feminist, but his actions show he has priorities that trump women’s rights. He is the President; his actions have direct consequences for women. Sarah Palin at this point is merely a celebrity getting way too much attention, but it is so much easier to criticize her pretensions of feminism than those of the President, right?

  11. Tom Vitale says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with this article. If you want to know what a feminist is and is all about think about the women of both the 1860’s and the 1960’s & 1970’s.
    And no, Feminism is not limited to matters of personal choice; it is all about the social, psychological, political, religious/spiritual, economic, power, esthetic, legal, cultural, anthropological dynamic we call “society”. It is about the inter-relation between men and women; women and society; women and government,religion, etc. etc. There actualy IS a thing called paternalism in which “Man” is between “God” and “Woman” thus women are controlled by men, law, religion, education, “the media”—every aspect of society. ONLY because women fight back, teach themselves and each other, support each other, help each other have there been any changes in our American society or in any other society on this planet. Yes,there are men who support women in their efforts to achieve full and complete autonomy. But there are not nearly enough men on the side of women. In fact, there are not nearly enough women on the side of freedom for women either. Right wing women take advantage of the changes wrought on the backs of women who devote their lives to challenging every law and every custom and every thought that results in the containment of women and the forced cooperation by women in their own containment.
    Right wing women take advantage while making every effort to subdue women by teaching women to subdue themselves—in the name of God, of course.
    What are people afraid of? I think people on the right are afraid of governing themselves; of allowing people to make their own free will and personal decisions about how to run their lives. Thus they fight to make people be in their religion and subscribe to their politics. Left wing people are afraid to unite and be as united as the right wing politicans and every day people are. They think they have to forge their own way all the way down the line. And no one or very few people really stand up to the giant corporations that have so much power in this world society.

  12. I am a feminist. I am pro-life. I do not think that the two negate each other. I fully support a woman’s right to choose pregnancy or not, which is why I believe contraception should be cheap and plentiful. Women should be able to be prostitutes, mothers, lesbians, ministers, CEO’s, housewives etc. and in any combination if they want to be.
    I am not religious but I do believe that unborn babies have rights too. I think the right to live trumps the right to not be pregnant. By assigning rights to a fetus does that mean I hate women? I don’t think it does. I agree with Aari that the real focus for a pro-life feminist should be in supporting the provision of support for women who do chose to give birth. Encouraging life seems logical to me.

    • Here's what it comes down to for me. Giving these kinds of rights to unborn babies requires making every living woman either a slave or permanently infantalized, i.e., stripped of the possibility to be both sexual and free, which is not even just part of being human – but so basic as to be part of being an adult mammal.)

      I have to conclude reluctantly that to me freedom from placing half of the human race in a default state of slavery trumps life for the unborn.

  13. Tawny Jones says:

    Obviously, “Ms.” Siering is mired in the mud of old-style frumpy feminism. Fearless, forward-thinking, fashionable Sarah Palin is a feminist who is proudly feminine, fertile, & fecund. This makes her a rare & revolutionary feminist femme-fatale.

  14. I understand that simply saying “I’m a feminist” doesn’t make a person a feminist (anyone remember the episode of the office where Michael “declared bankruptcy” by just yelling “I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY!”??). So obviously there are some limits. I worry about who is deciding those limits, what they are, and why there is a need to feel like feminism is an exclusive club. Sarah Palin clearly believes that restricting access to abortion is in a woman’s best interest. While I wholeheartedly disagree with that, I don’t feel like I’m in a position to say “I’m right, she’s wrong, I’m a feminist, she’s not”. It all feels a little childish.

    I’m also concerned about this image of the Sarah Palin mask. Cutting out her eyes and her mouth and creating her image into something that other people put on? Isn’t that exactly what you’re arguing that she is doing to feminism? Not to mention that the image itself is just plain offensive – it really reminds me of a lot of the garbage that was (and still is) out there when Secretary Clinton was running for President.

    • This isn't about a difference of opinion. She wants to be in a position of power, a position that will be able to tell others what to do. If two women are having a conversation and one woman says, "I would never have an abortion" and the other says, "I've already had an abortion and would have another if I got pregnant again." This is a difference of opinion. Neither is telling the other person what to do. This is the issue here.
      Sarah Palin wants to use her power to tell us what to do. This makes her very anti-feminist. If she was just some woman on the street who doesn't agree with abortion, good for her. But she's not just some woman on the street. She wants to make her opinion law. This… is… the… issue.

  15. Eleana Manuel says:

    Sarah Palin is not a feminist that is clear and she is also lacking in many other qualities that I would like to see in a person leading women today.Attractive, yes..and did opt to bring a child with special needs into the world It is there that she drops off the radar in my view. She lacks the grasp of issues, the ability to articulate a political position and sadly most any other ideas that make a salient argumentfor her views. We don’tknow what her views are because she looses her idea two or three words into a sentence. Now she is selling herself and her baby, her daughter and her baby to the higest bidder. The fragrance of money has special attraction for the Palin Family and the frightening thing is that lots of people think she’ “a real possibility” for the White House.

  16. Carolyn says:

    Choice is not the only important issue today. I like Sarah Palin and could care less if she supports choice or how many children she has. She manages to pay the cost of her choice and doesn’t expect others to pay for her choice to have children.
    Sarah Palin as well as Hillary are role models for the next generation of young women who are not afraid to stand up and tell the world that this could be a better place for all of us. Let’s get off the choice issue and worry about getting more competent women in political office.

  17. If Sarah Palin is a feminist then I have suddenly grown a penis. (I haven’t) She is the poster person of what a feminist does not look like or sound like. I taught high school for 15 years and in that time I saw young women stop calling themselves feminist because they thought it meant you were gay. I am a feminist, I have always been a feminist, and I will die a feminist. I am proud of the word and support the definition given by Jessica Valenti. Write it down, put it on your signature line of your email, tell everyone you know so the “confusion” of what a feminist is goes away!

  18. helen desmith says:

    spo is not and never has been a feminist – she is merely a patriarchal babe – gypsy speaks from nm

  19. Eve Norman says:

    Did Anita Bryant claim to be a feminist? Does Sarah have ANY idea what the word means? Nope, just hoping to attract a few clueless women to her cause.

  20. Herein lies my biggest issue with feminism. All I want is as much freedom to do, say and believe what I want as a man does. No one accuses men of being sex-traitors for adhering to any one of a dozen different political affiliations, because that is the nature of being a man– they have the prerogative to support whatever causes or issues they want! However, traditional liberal feminism is often just as pedantic as anti-feminism, claiming that there is a set of beliefs that all women should agree to if they expect to call themselves “feminists” (aka, if they can claim to be a self-respecting woman). So I proudly deny the term feminism, as I would rather live in a world where women are not just allowed, but expected, to hold a wide and divergent range of opinions. Though I strongly disagree with her on many, (all?) points, I’d rather live in a world that accepts, even respects, Sarah Palin than a world that denies her right to be a free-thinking, “feminist” woman.

    • Interesting. My perspective: I understand the term in a different semantic sense. "Feminist" isn't a label. So, it does represent affiliation with a particular history around a set of aims and claims. In fact, I think when Sarah Palin uses the word, that IS the way she us using it – to subvert a particular set of historical aims and claims.

      I'll try to articulate this in this limited space:

      If feminism entails analyzing the contemporary status of women with an assumption that women's status is unjust in some way and posing ways to change that status, then "feminism" can certainly include women who disagree on abortion or equal pay or what have you.

      Sarah Palin's specific political goal is to shut down such conversations and analysis. That's what makes her "not feminist" in my eyes.

  21. Cristy, it seems to me that your issue is with your interpretation of “liberal” feminism. Feminists do have a vastly diverging range of opinions on the major issues of the day. Those who claim to be feminists have an even wider range of opinions, from proud man-haters on one extreme to those who claim prostitution and pornography are liberating choices for women. In other words, the term is not problematic because it is too narrowly defined, but rather because it has been so routinely misused and twisted, both by those who oppose feminism and those who claim it to push their own agendas. Dogmatism is a common criticism of feminism, but the irony is that feminism was originally a profound rebellion against dogmatic conventional “wisdom” about women and our place in society.

    I call myself a feminist revolutionary political philosopher. I see the existing power structure as fundamentally corrupt and in need of revisioning from top to bottom. Even the common definition of power makes no sense to me. Needless to say, most of the readers of this blog are probably more inclined to mainstream views, but I would never venture to say that women who are not ready to revolt against this system, at least not yet, are not feminists. It does not really matter to me if Sarah Palin calls herself a feminist. I disagree with her on most issues, but I disagree with “liberals” on many issues as well. I think there is room in feminism for any woman with an independent mind. Palin may not qualify in many ways, but she may be moving in that direction, and to my mind, if she is, that should be encouraged. If for no other reason, her tentative embrace of feminism is enough to drive the fundamentalists batty.

  22. Tom Vitale says:

    It is not about abortion and the right to choose it or not choose it. It is not about unborn babies’ rights either. Feminism is about women and men being equal on all levels and in all ways. Feminism is a philosophy of freedom and self determination for all women. Men have that personal freedom and self determination. I believe women have those same rights. This world cannot be free so long as women do not have the same rights and the same value as men.
    People are, it seems to me, now trying to twist the meanings of feminism to fit into the right wing agenda and world view. A “right wing woman” poses herself against feminism.

    And why is abortion such an emotional issue? And what gives people the right either to harass or murder Doctors and women who perform or have abortions? And what gives the right wing the right to create an issue out of abortion? What gives people the right to create false issues about abortion? It seems to me that people are using abortion for their own political goals and agendae. Politically ambitious people will do anything, say anything to get what they are after. Why are the right wing people so intolerant and unwilling to listen to people who do not believe what they believe; do not share the same world view?
    And why do right wing christians use the Bible their own way—and deny it and believe they have a perfect insight into what the Bible says? Why do right wing people think they are superior in all ways, especially morally, to anyone not right wing?
    Did God create one race of sentient beings in an infinite universe of universes? And in that one race did “HE” create some people to be better than others and thus to receive “HIS” favours more than other people? Is that GOD or is that a human being full of prejudices and vices?????
    And how is it that Sarah Palin can quit her responsibility as Governor of Alaska and become a big celebrity and spokewoman for the right wing? Why isn’t she a quiter and disgraced?
    Politically ambitious people will do and say anything, including invent issues and slander good people like President Obama, in order to achieve their own selfish goals. “THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT US” Michael Jackson.
    Fundamentalist people think they have some special connection to and with GOD and have been given a mission to destroy everything they think(they think they have the authority from GOD to decide) whatever is “unclean”, “unworthy”, “inferior”—and LEFT WING. They think they are infallible and they think anyone not just like themselves is “evil”.
    Such thinking is inherently and inordinately DANGEROUS to the freedom of not only the USA but of the whole world.

    We are all in this world together. There are more similarities between all the various peoples of this world than there are differences. Differences are NOT so great as to require people to go to war and to build ever more violent weapons of mass destruction. Resources are not so scarce and so necessary that we must (are compelled) to destroy the world’s ecology and to build organizations that take control of The People and actually have more civil rights than individual people.
    We are all in this world together; one, united, by the commonness of our humanity and the sameness of the tasks of survival. We are one in many other ways too.
    To divide people over issues, ideas, solutions, gender, race, nationality, religions (or any other excuse) is to block progress toward solving our common problems of survival and organization of society.
    We are custodians of this world and its resources. We SHOULD be living in a paradise in which all water ways are clean and no species are going extinct because “man” believe “he” is given the right by “GOD” to exploit and use not only the earht’s resources but to exploit and use anything “he” chooses to use and exploit—even talent and even love and trust. We SHOULD be living in a paradise in which people help each other in any way needed
    It is not foolish to trust. It is not weakness to love. It is not weakness to be “vulnerable”. I could write forever about how wrong and harmful it is to divide humanity and how important and necessary it is to unite humanity.
    And one of the biggest most useful and most valuable answers is to think in terms of a circle as Gloria Steinem suggests.

  23. Tom Vitale says:

    Once upon a time, a female friend very lovingly and patiently explained to me that the husband is in charge over his wife and she must obey him and submit to him in all things because he is between her and God. I listened to her with a lot of pain because she really believed this and believed she was teaching me something I needed to learn. Out of love for her, I simply listened; I did not dispute her belief system; she is entitled to believe whatever she is taught to believe or wants to believe…
    I do not believe this hierarchical social structure and think in fact it is an extremely dangerous teaching and belief and is the basis for male oppression of females. Feminism is opposed to this structure in which Man is in a position to do whatever he wants to Woman on the excuse, belief, rationalization, justification that God so ordains it and it is the natural order of things. Anyone who calls herself or himself a feminist or a supporter of feminism but believes men and woman are ordained into a social hierarchy of such inequality is not a feminist. I am not talking rigidity and closed mindedness and absolute ideology. I am simply saying that if one believes in male dominant authority over women and female submission to that authority, one is not a feminist. By definition.

  24. Tom Vitale says:

    about Sarah Palin:

    She disses President Obama freely and quite fluently. She, and so many others are building their careers by dissing him. She quit her responsibility as Governor of Alaska. She has shot animals from a helicopter. She may be very pretty but so are millions of other women. How people can call her a spokesperson for them is beyond me.
    I cannot call her a feminist or accept her calling herself a feminist. As I’ve tried to say in my other posts, she and the right wing, are anti-thetical to any struggle to establish women as viable, valuable, human beings whose value and worth are not determined by superficialities but by women’s inherent humanity and a person’s integrity. I believe the very first and most important value in any man or woman is his or her inherent humanity.

  25. One thing that people seem to forget whilst indulging in the fracas that is the pro-choice debate is, simply and clearly, this:
    Pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion. It means, if you feel OK with ending a pregnancy, do it. If you want to have your baby, do it. If you want to give it up for adoption, do it. Just don't tell another woman what she can and cannot do with her own body.
    Pro-life only means one thing–you had better bring that child into this world or you are committing murder.
    Thus simplified, which says feminism more? Pro-lifers cannot be feminists. It cannot be clearer.

  26. I hate the term pro-life. What does that even mean?? For whose life are these people 'pro' for anyway?? Certainly, not the the woman whom the zygote must depend on for growth and development. This woman's life becomes nothing the minute an ovum becomes fertilized. Not only that, these are the same people who are against welfare. So, these women who get pregnant and can't afford to take care of a child, never mind herself, (just as one example) will need to go on some sort of assistance to help feed and clothe and care for the child that these "pro-lifers" insisted she have. These are the same people who don't believe that taxes should help pay for education and medical care. These are the same people who don't care what kind of adults these children may become because of the cycle of poverty that wasn't broken when they were born. I get so tired of these people's short-sightedness and over-simplification of a very complex issue. They fail to see that an abortion may actually be the most sincere and loving form of responsibility there is.

  27. I think the fact that none of you can decide what she is clearly indicates her being a feminist. She is strong. I am a liberal, but I'll back her any day, and I find that the media treats her in a genuinely despicable manner. Stand up for her. To not is to stand up for women being battered by the media, thus lowering overall respect for women, and provides proof to the media that women are not unified, they have no sense of camaraderie, and thus are weaker than the good ol' boys camaraderie prevalent Everywhere. Stop being a pussy about the small stuff, and back her up. I am so enraged over this. Women, like this one that wrote this article, are the people who are not feminists. They are special interest supporters. It is disgusting.


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