From the Stacks: Our Maids Are Just Like Slaves!

This gem was reprinted in the No Comment section of the June 1978 issue of Ms.


Oh, for those good ol’ days of the Depression, when maids were humble, washed windows, scrubbed floors, wore such cute outfits and loved their jobs!

And this particular maid service was licensed by New York City–which makes us relish once again the fact that the New York state Senate has passed the Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights.


  1. Wow. It’s good to be reminded of where we come from, to make sure we NEVER GO BACK THERE AGAIN. Thanks for the terrible flashback-reminder, it’s hard to take, but important to remember.

  2. Wow–1978?! That sounds too recent. And “girls from the islands”? Again, wow.

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