A Name for Men Who Buy Girls for Sex: The Results Are In!

We asked What Should We Call Men Who Buy Young Girls for Sex? and you answered. Pedo-pimp, you suggested. Sleaze-bag. Childhood-stealer.

Words are powerful. Many of you noted that naming these men is important, yet challenging. How can we get across that these deeds are despicable? How can we find a coinage that’s memorable, shaming and weighty?

Below is a wordcloud with your suggestions thus far. The larger the font size, the more votes.

Particularly enjoying one? Think you have a term that’s more descriptive? More inclusive? Let us know by commenting on Carrie Baker’s original post, or by leaving a comment below!

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  1. When I was talking with my boyfriend about how I don't like the term "cougar" he thought there should be a similar term for men and came up with "polar bear" and "shark". I liked shark because it reminds me of the predatory nature of the way some men chase or approach women.
    I mentioned this blog conversation. Maybe shark can be somehow incorporated into the name here.
    Maybe "Teen-sharks"?

  2. aMANohno says:

    Just castrate them and be done with it. That would solve the problem over a matter of years and deter new pedo-johns. And yes, I’m serious. Remove their genitals completely, and if they offend again, put them to death under crimes against humanity.

    By the way, there are women who seek these things out as well. Women who buy young girls and/or boys. LOTS of women who secretly sexually abuse the young. Too bad people are so focused on hating one gender rather than actually solving problems. Oh well, I don’t distinguish expectations from one gender to the next, so this is pretty much expected and typical in that humans would rather be selfish and promote themselves than be honest and efficient.

  3. Valerie says:

    'Land Shark' is a old term but it doesn't apply to men who pay for children, it's an old phase for just a guy on the make that charms women into bed, like you described above. So, that one is taken. The first time I heard it was in the 70's, but might be older than that. But I'm completely with you on hating the whole cougar thing.
    But I like teen-shark. Maybe Tee-Shark, because it's not just teens but little children who play tee-ball. But we also have to incorporate buying or money into it otherwise it's a Pedo and not specific to the crime of purchasing. Not that one is worse than the other. I just think it's a very good idea to have shaming names for specific crimes.

    I was also looking into latin and greek terms and trying to put something together but haven't come up with anything yet. That's how Genocide was coined by Raphael Lemkin after his family died in the Holocaust. I'll also look up the root words of the Holocaust, maybe that could give us some insight. Because that's what it seems like, a Holocaust of innocence.

  4. "Paying Pedophile" is definitely the best one, in my opinion. Phrases like "child sex trafficker" make it sound like children are doing the trafficking, not being trafficked; and phrases like "childhood stealers" and "Bad Daddies", while emotionally compelling, are ultimately not specific enough to communicate the particulars of this crime. "Paying Pedophile" is a clear and to-the-point phrase, communicating that these are people who pay money to sexually abuse children.

  5. Paying-Pedophile!!!!!!!! So perfect. Concise and illustrative. Everyone has an instant negative reaction to "pedophile", and these people are just that, except they pay for their crimes. I really think this framing would make a big impact!

  6. pedo-pirates

  7. Martin Dufresne says:

    I am not sure that the money paid for it (sex with youths) is that significant a factor. It's still statutory rape. Insisting on the money angle seems to lead toward making the youth an accomplice to the crime. I like the old expression "chicken hawk".

    • Money paid for it is ABSOLUTELY a factor. Probably the biggest reason traffickers exist is because people PAY for it. and paying for it makes it a foregone conclusion that the supply will increase.

  8. "chicken hawk": A gay man who prefers adolescent sexual partners. (This term has also been used for a straight man who seeks adolescent girls.) That sense dates to 1965… Source: http://www.wordspy.com/words/chickenhawk.asp __It is long established for any "child molester" in prison slang (cf. "Slang & sociability: in-group language among college students", Connie C. Eble, UNC Press, 1996). __I would advise against reference to p(a)edophilia, even if it makes some feel good to think that "these men are sick". The use of such terminlogy provides an automatic clinical alibi for abusers. In fact, most sexual users of youths also have sex with adults, so it is not as if most of them are fixated on youths. __And a number of true p(a)edophiles do not follow through on their fantasies.

  9. child-raper

  10. Is there no word for sex with children? Pedophilia is a mental illness that centers around very young children. Here we are talking Tweens, I believe. Tween raper or teenraper seem to be accurate terms. Rape consumer is more to thempoint of this discussion. So how about coining teenrape? I can even see FoxNews using the term! Then these chicken hawks can be accurately called ” teenrape consumers”. It sounds neutral enough for media discussion but still conveys the crime accurately. We have to be careful to keep our judgements– however justfied– our of our jargon if we are going to expect widespread acceptance of it.

  11. The terms in the wordcloud don’t work because they are already applied to other people. For example, a sex trafficker is a person who obtains and passes the trafficked individual to another trafficker or a person who “purchases” the child for the purpose of selling sex with the child to another person. A person who pays to have sex with the child is not a trafficker because he/she is not purchasing the child for commercial purposes, but rather for sick pleasure. Also, sex trafficking is not simply rape. There has to be the presence of force, coercion or threat to prevent a person from leaving.

    A few questions/remarks:

    What’s with the wordcloud? Personally, I think it takes away from the seriousness of trafficking. When I think about a wordcloud, I think fun and free, not rape, physical and psychological abuse, and confinement.

    Can we talk about the fact that we completely ignore boys being trafficked into prostitution?

    Also, what about other forms of trafficking: agriculture, mining, domestic servitude, etc?

  12. I think pedo-pimp is a good title for the pimps themselves. Juvie rape patrons or just outright sex offenders. If a person is caught in inappropriate interaction(s) with a minor, whether they pay for it or not, they should be charged as a child molester and be placed on the Sex Offenders Registry.

  13. Baby Wiigi says:


    This is all bad…
    So while were at it toss in "Pelvic-Bone-Breakers" (dats so messed up)

  14. nikitabluewriter says:


  15. Yes, i do agree with the individual that said that women; do this kind of behavior

    also. Both sexes are involved the selling, buying, trafficking; and rape of children.

    There is not a word to describe what they do to the mind, body, soul, of a child. There humanity is gone.

    I would describe them as one of the most dangerous thing on earth, because they damage if not break the child.

    I fear we will be destroyed, because of what is occurring, and what was written in scripture.

    Child Destroyers or Killers of Innocence.

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