No Comment: “Cheeky” Suitcase Stickers

Identifying your ubiquitous black suitcase on a baggage carousel can be challenging, it’s true. But is it really challenging enough to warrant this violent suitcase sticker from We think not.

Canadian entrepreneur Colin Hart, who runs, said the stickers are meant to personalize and spice up your travel bags. His collection of large stickers features old leather luggage torn open to reveal illicit contents. What’s “inside” the bags? Stacks of cash, bags of cocaine, sex toys–and a bound-and-gagged flight attendant. Cheeky, right?

The Canadian government doesn’t think so: the stickers will no longer be available to Canadian consumers. A spokesperson for the Transport Minister told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.:

Joking about potentially trafficking illegal substances, or worse, is not funny, and the government will use the full force of the law to ensure Canadians who travel by air are safe

Hart replied:

‘The full force of the law’ is too strong a statement to risk and we hope that at some point the Government will look around the world at some other reactions and re-consider their position.

Thanks to Feminist Law Professors for bringing this to our attention.

Not laughing? Contact thecheeky to tell Colin Hart why.


  1. Carol King says:

    As one who travel with the ubiquitous black suitcases, I've tried lots of ways to personalize them like yarn on the bag's handles and bright colored luggage tags. They invariably are unloaded so I don't see handles and tags until the bag's right in front of me. I love the idea of a big sticker but who would imagine a bound & gagged woman inside a suitcase would be humorous?

  2. I love them. I think they're hilarious. AWSOME CHEEKY!!!!!!

  3. I clicked on the website – my god, that's so tacky and tasteless. You can get bright and large colored tags at AAA – my mom got me a red one that says "STOP" (or something like that), and it's a large stop sign. And then I also have a big fat orange one saying, "Put me in first class!" as well as an orange one that says something else on it. I got them when I went abroad to London.

    There are more tasteful, creative ways to get a unique suitcase – and one would be surprised at how many people actually don't put yarn on their suitcase. Honestly – just tie on multiple strands of yarn that represent your old school colors – high school or college. It's not that hard! And if one doesn't like that – you can get lots of little stickers and make sure you put duck tape on them or something like that to stay. Or – just put duck tape and fashion it into your name…

    People are so lazy these days that they need tacky and tasteless marketing idiots to come up with something like this. It's not cheeky, it's offending.

  4. I am horrified. What a way to normalize violence against women in mass culture. It is not cute or "cheeky." It's downright dangerous.

  5. WTF. If I saw that on a carousel, I'd pick it up and throw it out into traffic outside the baggage claim and let the monster who thought that was funny to "Go fetch, asshole."

  6. When I saw these, I actually giggled. The kidnapped flight attendant sticker is funny in an Emo Phillips kind of way, but I get the point about there being better ways to mark your suitcase.

  7. that airline attendant is disturbing and violent. i guess they won their battle with canada, because now the site says: "*We are proud to announce, the suitcase stickers are now available to all residents of Canada!"

  8. oh come on! it’s funny, it’s meant to be a joke. how many suitcases really have a bound and gagged flight attendant inside?! pretty sure they would spot that at security…. sense of humor folks

    • Would they do it with a black person? No? Then how come it’s okay to do it to a woman?

      Oh, right, because women are still acceptable targets for some stupid reason.

  9. Belle of Acadia says:

    GO CANADA! For taking those away, they are right you can’t joke about things like that.

  10. Kayla Rae says:

    most of the articles here just made me angry… this picture really made me hurt, though. I can’t believe anyone would think this is funny…

  11. This is just another example of the gratuitous censorship running rampant around the world today causing the proliferation of more self important, whining, seemingly victimized so called human beings. Real simple…if you don’t like it, don’t buy it, sell it, promote it, wage war against it or look at it. News flash to people who publicly rage about the things they find offensive…. You are only bringing attention to the very thing you abhor!!!

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