Vatoo Your Vulva?

Tired of your same old vagina? Fear not, now your crotch can have its very own tat–I mean–vatoo.

In the latest attempt to manufacture the “perfect” woman’s body, a New York spa is offering airbrushing for lady bits. For $115 women can get a full wax and a vatoo–the temporary-airbrush-vulva-art of their dreams.

So what do you get for $115? According to The Luxury Spot, you’ll leave Completely Bare, the New York spa responsible for pioneering both the vatoo and the vajazzle, with a non-toxic, airbrushed image on your mons pubis that will fade away in seven to 10 days. If you’re feeling really adventurous, the salon can incorporate a tuft or two of manicured pubic hair into the design. Some possible vatoo images include hearts, spiderwebs and a glow-in-the-dark “69.”

So far it’s just the elite blogosphere that’s chattering about the vatoo (also known as “vatu,” or “twatoo”). Not even Completely Bare has the new procedure listed on its website.

So is this sassy or stupid? Could this provide an opportunity for subversive feminist art? Or is it another example of institutional control over women’s bodies?

Let us know, or let Completely Bare spa know what you think.

ABOVE: A vatoo in action. Photo courtesy and


  1. I don't really see how this is controlling women's bodies, any more than getting an airbrush tattoo on your arm/back/ankle is controlling women's bodies. Until I see the mainstream media telling everyone that the only way to get a man is to vattoo yourself, it seems more like a silly bit of fun than anything else. Your vulva is your own to do with as you please; that includes vajazzling, vatooing, piercing, letting it grow wild, shaving, and whatever else suits you.

    Also, there is no relevance between vatooing and the video you linked to. This had nothing to do with "manufacturing the 'perfect' woman's body." Not everything to do with the female body is part of some vast male conspiracy to make us all into sexbots.

  2. No. Just no.

    I do not need my vag to be glow in the dark or naked as a mole rat or bejeweled or ANYTHING. It's a vagina, not a t-shirt!

  3. Seems great. One of the participants even openly stated that she was getting this done for her own pleasure and not for a man (as the writer of the article seemed to think was the only reason one would consider such an option). The only issue with this is the use of the word "vagina" to indicate… well basically all parts of the female body between the navel and the thighs.

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