9 Questions About 90 Years of Suffrage

On Aug. 26 we celebrate Women’s Equality Day–and this year it’s the 90th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, when women in the U.S. finally won the right to vote. So how much do you know about the long fight for women’s suffrage? Take our test and find out:


ABOVE: Photo of Susan B. Anthony reprinted under public domain.


  1. I thought I knew my women's history. Most of the questions are very challenging.

    Ftr, I scored 5 out of 9, not 4 out of 9 as stated in the congratulations message. The proof is in the answers. I checked three times.

    • David M. Dismore says:

      Thanks ! I tried to come up with questions that had interesting answers (not hard considering our colorful feminist history) and that dealt with things that are usually overlooked. Of course, that meant some of the questions had to be about relatively obscure events, such as Missouri's attempt to have pink ballots, and the 23-woman suffrage march of 1908, so five out of nine is excellent, and you DO know your women's history. Do you know what question caused the glitch in computing your score ?

  2. MIchel Cicero says:

    Wow, that was hard–but I learned a lot. David Dismore is a real champion for women's history!

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