Want a Pizza with That Pap Smear? Oh, and We’re Anti-Choice.

Question: Guess what genius new advertising tactic certain crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are using to get women in the door to their fake clinics?

Could it be … listing themselves under “clinics” and “abortion” in the Yellow Pages? No, they’ve been doing that for ages. Could it be CPCs on wheels, you ask? Nope. Already tried that.

Answer: Crappy pizza. Yes, CPCs are luring women with cheap food.

The Pregnancy Resource Center of St. Cloud, Minn. has placed a coupon in the back of (my alma mater) St. Cloud State University’s 2010/11 student agenda book shilling a free small Little Caesars Pizza along with $10 STD, HIV and pap tests.

CPCs are using increasingly imaginative advertising techniques in order to preach religious fundamentalist anti-choice politics and lies. Relying on deceptive advertising to get women in the door, CPCs often obscure their religious ties. The St. Cloud center’s website, preghelp.com cites no mention of the center’s religious orientation. However, a visit to the Pregnancy Resource Center of St. Cloud yields religious anti-choice brochures and questions about patients’ religions.

For a class project last year, SCSU women’s studies students visited the Pregnancy Resource Center to see what information and services it gives women. After describing all the symptoms of pregnancy that are listed on their own website, including late period, nausea, and breast tenderness, one student was denied a pregnancy test–which, had she been pregnant, would have prolonged her pregnancy, making it harder after a certain point to obtain an abortion.

Because CPCs masquerade as “medical clinics,” many women are fooled by the professional-looking facade and think they are getting honest answers. Apparently now, the Pregnancy Resource Center is throwing professional to the wind in favor of greasy cheesy carbs. Are they trying to lure fiending pregnant women to their anti-abortion lair? Maybe they should try free pickles and ice cream.

Fortunately, the Feminist Majority Foundation’s campus group wants to expose CPCs for what they really are.

Send a message to your legislator to support legislation fighting false advertising and federal funding for CPCs here.

Pizza thumbnail courtesy of Flickr user Two Ladies & Two Cats // CC 2.0.


  1. not THAT hungy says:

    Wouldn't a Domino's Pizza have been more appropriate?

  2. Most of those places don't even have qualified doctors or nurses working there, I'd hate to go for any kind of medical procedure there.

    • Joe, that's the other important point. An actual licensed medical facility is going to have properly trained people every day.

      Gennuine compassion requires providing honest and legitimate medical care.

      Just like people would not attempt to obtain 'compassion' through visiting a 'dentist' who decided to fill toothaches from reading the back of a OTC gel tube, we should demand simmilar standards in women's health care provision.

      They are quacks who provide shoddy care because they are NOT licensed medical facilities.

  3. They will try any dirty trick

  4. I wonder if Little Caesar's knows they are using their logo… I smell a lawsuit!

  5. heatheraurelia13 says:

    I call boycott on Little Ceasers and those other guys, wait, I don't eat shitty food or support crisis pregancy centers.

  6. I called one of them to inquire about their license number (which a medical facility must have). And the vapid ding-a-ling tried to evade the question!!

    They told me that on certain days 'we're a medical facity' and 'other days we're not'. They did not give me the license number, which was the information I requested.

    Had I been an actual pregnant teenager, I might have been gullible and exploited by them. It makes me so angry that women are violated like this.

  7. Maman A Droit says:

    Ok the pizza thing is weird. But I don’t think the existence of crisis pregnancy centers that provide counseling & services other than abortions is bad. Do you really think there are teenage girls out there who don’t know abortion exists? I doubt it, and I think if someone wanted an abortions and realized the place they were at didn’t do them, they’d just leave & go elsewhere. I guess I don’t see what the big deal is other than some pro-choice people want only abortion mills to be allowed to call themselves crisis pregnancy centers.

    • The problem is that these centers don't outright admit their agenda, instead feeding misinformation to vulnerable women seeking legitimate advice. It's not that they don't provide abortion, it's that they don't provide accurate medical information, thereby limiting women's choices.

      Also, even if you know abortion is an option, you still might need more information about the procedure, where to go, etc. and that kind of knowledge is not readily available in many places, while CPCs are there. The danger is women going to these centers wanting to get a full picture and instead being effectively lied to.

      • The other problem is that these places pretend they are a medical facility–when even they know that a medical facility must display the license from the state in which it is in.

        But somebody scared/upset is not necessarily going to think about this. So these people attempting to pass themselves off as a legitmate medical facility are actually taking people's records and doing who knows what with it.

        With so much about idenitify theft…etc in the news, this is why these places are also very dangerous and must be shut down.

        Inaccurate information about abortion is only part of the problem

  8. @ Maman a droit-
    the problem with crisis pregnancy centers is that young & vulnerable women may visit these places and not know that they will not see a doctor/medical personnel. They will be lied to at point where they really need accurate information with which to make a very important decision. There will be young women who will use this disinformation to convince themselves that everything is fine.
    I wonder why consumer protection agencies have not gone after these people-talk about false and deceptive advertising. Any other instance of such blatant deception in a medical setting would be shut down for the protection of the public.

  9. Is it so hard to believe that a woman may be scared and need help and NOT want abortion preached to her or advertised to her? Pro life or Christian women can find themselves in a bad way too and need resources and compassion. Or do we only care about pro choice women facing crisis pregnancies? Generally, a woman knows walking into a CPC, that abortion isn't a option there. And generally, people know where to get an abortion if they want one.

    • Unfortunately, there are some pro-lifers who think abortion is okay — but only for them, of course.

      There's a document floating around the internet with a whole bunch of anecdotes. Enjoy: http://mypage.direct.ca/w/writer/anti-tales.html

      And, not every person knows either that abortion is an option (and they won't burn in hell blah blah blah), or that CPCs will offer them nothing but scare tactics.

    • Every woman should be provided with open and honest information on ALL her choices. When any government, religious group or ideology starts making decisions FOR women, we are on a very slippery slope. When you go into a Planned Parenthood, they are not pushing abortion as the only option…they give the WOMAN the right to choose between keeping her baby, adoption and abortion.
      Women should not be quizzed on their religious preferences or lied to when they are looking for information. And they especially should not be BRIBED with free pizza or discounts on necessary medical tests. Yuck.

  10. katherine says:

    I see this as no better or worse than the shoddy, slanted information given out at planned parenthood with my tax dollars. since everyone is so terrified that women won’t have access to pap tests etc. if their beloved PP office is unfunded, they should be glad to know that there are doctors willing to volunteer their time to provide these services free of charge.

    And, if you’re hungry and desperate even cheap pizza is better than an empty stomach. It’s a strange combo, but not evil.

  11. Belle of Acadie says:

    Two words…

    Sickening and scary.

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