From the Stacks: Only Virgins Need Apply

This charming little notice from UC San Diego appeared in the June 1974 No Comment section of Ms.

It’s outrageous to think that just 36 years ago non-virgins were banned from becoming homecoming queen. But have we really come that far?

Just last month a Michigan trans boy was stripped of his homecoming king crown.

At a Mississippi middle school, only white students were allowed to run for class president this year.

And the taboo of young women’s sexuality is certainly alive and well too: a woman student from Duke University whose “fuck list” went viral has been slut-shamed into apologizing for what young men do annually all over the U.S., without widespread stigmatization and shaming.

The rabid cultural fixation with virginity hasn’t simmered down either. Think back to the 22-year-old San Diego, Cal. woman who sold her virginity online for $3.8 million in 2009.

Is a “Virgins Only” ruling really so different?


  1. Although there have been several 'successful' virginity auctions, mostly in Europe, Natalie Dylan's was never (ahem) consumated.

    That particular $3.8 million bidder withdrew from the bidding (the puns keep coming) and despite other bids, the deal didn't go through. Ms Dylan got a low six figure payout from the brothel hosting the auction went home, her virtue presumably intact.

    • I'm hoping your replying simply for the sake of keeping everyone updated on the facts because if you're trying to make some sort of point

      You didn't understand the article.

      • Jennifer –

        If the tone of my response threw you off, I apologize. I totally get the article. In fact, I've spent the last few years working on a documentary on virginity and have been following the sad phenomenon of virginity auctions all over the world, including Natalie Dylan's media circus.

        I do think it's important to make clear that no one's 'virginity' was sold for that huge sum of money. And hopefully one day no one will be able to auction it off at all because it won't be considered a prized possession to be bought, sold or marketed.

        If anyone is interested in learning more about virginity auctions, you can follow this link:

  2. Subsequently, Mr Walter's was in charge of making sure the girls were in fact virgins,

  3. In a small town barely over the South Carolina border is a high school caught smack dab in the middle of the Bible belt. This year was the first in which the rules did not suggest that an unmarried mother could not run for homecoming queen. My how far we've come.

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