Cheerleader Required to Cheer for Man Who Assaulted Her

If someone assaulted you, would you want to then cheer for his performance on a basketball court? A 16-year-old Texas high school student sure didn’t.

High school football star Rakheem Bolton and two others were indicted for sexual assault of a child–identified only as H.S.–at a post-game party in 2008. According to H.S.–a fellow student and cheerleader at Silsbee High–Bolton, football player Christian Rountree and another juvenile male forced her into a room, locked the door, held her down and sexually assaulted her. When other party-goers tried to get into the room, two of the men fled through an open window, including Bolton, who left clothing behind. Bolton allegedly threatened to shoot the occupants of the house when the homeowner refused to return his clothes.

In September 2010, Bolton pled guilty to a lesser charge of Class A Assault and was sentenced to one year in prison, a sentence that was suspended by the judge in lieu of two years probation, a $2,500 fine, community service and an anger management course.

Silsbee school officials had two responses to the incident. First, they urged H.S. to keep a low profile, such as avoiding the school cafeteria and not taking part in homecoming activities. With the support of her family, she refused to do so, rejecting the notion that she had anything to be ashamed of. Secondly, school officials kicked her off the cheerleading squad for refusing to cheer for Bolton. No kidding.

Bolton had been allowed back on campus during a brief period when one grand jury withdrew the charges before another grand jury reinstated them. During a basketball game, H.S. cheered for the entire team but refused to cheer “Rakheem” during his free-throws, so she was off the squad.

H.S.’s parents sued the school for violating her right to free speech, but an appeals court dismissed her case earlier this month. The bizarre reasoning: “In her capacity as cheerleader, [she] served as a mouthpiece through which the school could disseminate speech–namely, support for its athletic teams.” Not cheering for Bolton “constituted substantial interference with the work of the school because, as a cheerleader, [she] was at the basketball game for the purpose of cheering, a position she undertook voluntarily.” In other words, the “work of the school” is basketball, and H.S. was obligated to put on a robotic smile and cheer for the man who had assaulted her.

Silsbee High School officials should be held accountable for their actions. Richard Bain, Jr., the superintendent of schools, allegedly ordered H.S. to cheer for her attacker. Why don’t you tell him what you think? You can contact Bain and the school’s new principal, Eldon Franco:

Richard Bain Jr., Superintendent, Silsbee Independent School District, 415 Highway 327 West, Silsbee, TX, 77656;; (409) 980-7800

Eldon Franco, Principal, Silsbee High School, 1575 Highway 96 North, Silsbee, TX, 77656-4799;; (409) 980-7800

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  1. The school is wrong-headed in its thinking that cheering is more the work of the school than keeping its students safe. Being encouraged to cheer for her attacker is likely damaging to H.S. Voluntary position or not, the safety of H.S. should be the schools primary concern — period!

    • One wonders if Richard Bain Jr., Superintendent and Eldon Franco, Principal's daughter had been raped, sexually assaulted by Mr. Bolton, would they ask her to brush it off and cheer, cheer, cheer? If not, then I suggest these man find a family memeber they want to accept a prom date, coke date, etc. from Mr. Bolton, escort them on their way, and if something happens, their relative can then sing, shout, dance her heart out in support of this young man. I am a probation officer and I see men like this on a daily basis who feel "the girl wanted it" and they come off as smug as these two men in charge. I hope they lose their job over this.

  2. prettyprogressive says:

    The school and the society that supports it's victim-blaming polices are, as usual, sickening. But from the little I've read about her here H.S.'s strength seems to be incredible. She knows what was done to her was wrong and that she has NOTHING to be ashamed of! To H.S., and all other brave young women like you – keep fighting!! Live your life the way you want. He's the one who should be kicked off the team, told not to enter the cafeteria, participate in homecoming, be ashamed of himself, NOT YOU. Never lose that conviction for a second. We're on your side. You go girl!

  3. Oh my goodness!! This was so damned shocking to read! I cannot believe this is going on NOW. I bet the school officials did not think critically of what it meant to have a rape victim cheer for her assailant! I most certainly will consider contacting them. PS: I find it appalling that no one would comment on your post, but run the Mattel doll blog up the wall! What the hell is going on?!

  4. Why is a criminal allowed to play basketball, and his victim not allowed to cheer? If anyone should be off the team, it's the rapist. No wonder college and professional athletes think they are invincible. They've been told so since they were kids.

    • mmhmm~ that was my first question! what in the world is he doing back on the basketball team.

    • you would think that a student under investigation of a felony would have his extra-curricular privileges taken away– not the girl who is a role model for her peers, standing up in the face of adversity and stating once and for all that sexual assault victims should not be silenced.

    • Angry American says:

      If people were to rape the principle and the superintendent, would they let them back on the team and cheer for them?

    • This was my first question as well. In my town, there were football players involved in muggings where no one was injured and they were kicked off the team. Our community took it very seriously. For a crime this serious, I am shocked he would be back at school at all, much less back playing basketball. Playing sports is a privellege that this boy clearly does not deserve.

  5. anonymous says:

    I just sent an email to both men expressing my opinion. Most of my family are teachers and addressing such an issue like this is absolutely deplorable.

  6. That is unbelievable! Words escape me right now. That poor young lady. Why should she be penalized whne she did NOTHING wrong?

  7. I just wrote to the principal and superintendent. I suggested they create a scholarship in her honor for women recovering from male violence. I'm proud of HS and her family for standing up to the district and their antiquated views. Way to go, HS!

    Please email, call or write the district. Contact info is in the article.

  8. Everyone should know about and use:


    SAFE2TELL® is designed to help YOU anonymously report any threatening behavior that endangers you, your friends, your family, or your community.

  9. I'n my state. Bugger all.

  10. Janet Hudgins says:

    Men forcing women, especially young women, flashing their might and power over them, is an old story. Any woman who has worked for a living, or even those at home, can tell you their own story. The incredible thing is that we talk about it now–we didn't use to, it was accepted and men didn't stop men, they turned their back and walked away–but there is no sign of a change for rationality and equality. Very frustrating and very sad.

  11. The male student should not be allowed to attend the same school period… This is totally f'ed up

  12. Mr Janie Watkins says:

    I'll put on a little skirt (I'm a male feminist ) and cheer loudly for the female victims getting revenge on their persecutors!

  13. I don't understand. What are these school officials thinking? Of course no one wants to face his/her attacker! Duh!
    BTW, I just wrote to them. Has any one received any responses from them?

  14. There are no words for how repugnant this is. He is found guilty for assault (for raping someone) and is allowed to be on the school sports team, but she is kicked off for not wanting to cheer for him? What kind of upside-down, bizarro world are we living in?

  15. No criminal should be rewarded for his criminal conduct. Criminals should be accountable for their actions.

    Since the school's actions (non-actions), careless disregard for the safety of a victim, rises to the level of intent, perhaps the school and the adminstrators personally can be judged criminals and be held to answer for thier actions and inactions. Disparate treatment. Failure to protect. Continuing crime by adminstrators?

    It appears as if the school wants that image to be shown to the world? Well, it will be. It will be included in the report going to the United Nations. The Wall of Shame. Perhaps they will be required by International treaties to do more than they have already done.

    They should rethink their actions : Reinstate the cheerleader and kick the 'playa' off the team.

  16. I wonder how the superintendent or principal would react if it was their daughter! I hope her parents can find a really good lawyer … the attitude and behavior of the school administrators HAS to be, in some way, criminal!

  17. Is it possible for someone to draft a letter, maybe anyone who has already written to them can just copy and paste their template? I think a lot more people would write to them that way.

  18. Here is a copy of my letter. I have to split it into two to post. Please feel free to use and modify:

    It was with astonishment and dismay that I read the story of H.S., the Silsbee student who reported being raped by Rakheem Bolton, a fellow student and athletic star. Bolton later pled guilty to a lesser assault charge.

    I read that while he faced rape charges, Bolton was put on the varsity basketball team. In her role as cheerleader, H.S. had to cheer for a team that included her rapist. She continued to do so, but refused to cheer for him by name during his individual free throws. For refusing to scream "Rakheem" with the rest of the cheerleaders, she was kicked off the sqad. H.S. reports that she was also pushed "to keep a low profile, such as avoiding the school cafeteria and not taking part in homecoming activities." She refused these instructions and lost her spot as a cheerleader.

    Part I

  19. Part II of III

    Any student who reports being a victim of sexual assault should be protected and supported. H.S. should not be treated as a troublemaker. She should not be made to disappear. She has nothing to be ashamed of. Her decision to remain silent during Bolton's free throws was not disruptive to school activities. Asking her—ordering her—to cheer for her rapist is grotesque and inhumane. Retaliation against her for such a reasonable act displays not just insensitivity but malice on the part of the Silsbee Independent School District.

  20. Part III of III:

    This treatment of a survivor of sexual assault is unconscionable. Please remedy the situation. Silsbee High School officials should be held accountable for their actions. A public apology to H.S. is in order. The school system needs to immediately implement a policy for appropriate treatment of sexual assault survivors and for students convicted of assault. This policy should not ask the survivor to bear the social brunt of the assault. It should not be the survivor’s responsibility but the school’s to ensure smooth interactions at the school. There should be immediately and sweeping consequences for anyone retaliating against survivors, including the firing of any paid employee of the Silsbee School District. Anything short of this is a travesty. It is just not good enough. We expect more.


  21. I’m with Robyn above, Since when is a convicted criminal allowed back in school let alone play on the school team. It does not make sense at all. Every parent of children in that school should boycott those games until that young man is expelled. Is sports that damned important in their school that the principal and superintendent ignore the pain of this young woman so the school can have the winningest team in the league. These men may have put that young girl’s life in jeopardy, because we all know how whistle-blowers get threatened and harassed and stalked. On the same day they expel the young man, the principal and his boss need to be fired with no chance of being reinstated. Idiots like this don’t need to be in a school influencing young impressionable minds. Run the 3 of them out of town on a rail pronto.

    • Mr Janie Watkins says:

      Ms Yvonne, I couldn't agree with you more. Your comment is well thought out, articulate and absolutely right!

    • He was not convited. If you read then you would know. If he was he would have to register as a sex offender which he didnt.

  22. NoneTheWiser says:

    Last I heard, in Texas, rape is punishable by death; and they're treating a rapist (someone who, according to them, DESERVES TO DIE) like a fucking hero!!! That's not okay!!!

    • BeenThere says:

      Being from Texas (not always proudly, I might add) there is one truth that runs through the State more than any other – FOOTBALL IS SECOND ONLY TO GOD.

      Sadly, this small town has their heads up their collective asses regarding their "Golden Boy".

      Too bad his big-city dreams of a NFL position will fall through and he'll end up managing the local car dealership in the not-so-far future,

      It happens so often in this state, almost as often as these types of stories.

    • Seriouslydisgusted says:

      despite being a generally forgiving person who never wishes death upon anybody, I have been raped and believe that rapists actually do deserve to die or to be raped themselves.

    • In the United States the most you can get for rape is life in prison.

      So sayeth the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

  23. annstarrr says:

    This is the letter i sent:

    "It is my understanding that a male athlete at Silsbee High School sexually assaulted a female cheerleader, to which he pled guilty. I therefore assume no question of guilt remains. Not only was the criminal allowed to stay on the school basketball team, his victim was removed from the cheer squad when she refused to cheer for him. (Good for her.)
    I sincerely hope this is a joke, or bad reporting. If the above facts are true, I hope you understand the despicable nature of the school's actions. The convicted athlete should be immediately removed from the team and his victim should be immediately reinstated to the cheer squad. If your moral code does not provoke you to take the correct action, I imagine the potential lawsuit from the victim may persuade you."

  24. Another reason to home school. It will never end.

  25. I'm pasting the email I sent here. Feel free to copy, or use it as inspiration.
    Mr. Franco, Mr. Bain,

    I am writing in great concern, have recently read about a student at Silsbee High who was forced to resign from the cheerleading team after refusing to cheer for a young man who had assaulted her. I am appalled that a young woman who has already faced so much would have privileges taken away from her for what can only be considered a natural reaction to being the victim of such a crime. The irony worsens when I contrast that with the fact that the young man who has pleaded guilty to assaulting her has been allowed to keep his place on the school team, and is in fact considered worthy of being cheered on by female students.

    Please tell me that I've been misinformed, and that you have taken prompt steps to treat both of these students fairly, in keeping with their respective actions. The way you respond to such cases will teach life-long lessons, not only to the students involved, but do their peers. I sincerely hope that lesson won't be that if you're a boy, crime and assault are A-OK, but if you're a girl, standing up for yourself is liable to be punished.



  26. I am who I am says:

    Why write a letter when you can sign them up for bestiality porn?

  27. they want to talk about bullying like its a problem today, this girl was RAPED. RAPED damnit. What the hell is going on here? How is this kid not Expelled? Much less off the football team. She should not have to see his face every day in school. Disgusting, hope I never have a daughter because of stories like this.

  28. sick thug #1 has facebook btw, "Rakheem 'sickonthafield' Bolton" . More like sickinthahead, his cockiness makes me want to puke. 800 friends, should be 0

  29. I was homeschooled. I am so glad that I was.

  30. This is the letter I sent. Feel free to re-use.

    Dear Superintendent Bain and Principal Franco,

    I recently read the article about your student H.S. and how she is being forced to cheer for the knucklehead (to put it mildly) who assaulted her sexually. I read about this in Ms Magazine. ( )

    I think it's absolute baloney that you are forcing this poor girl to cheer for the man who inflicted such a crime on her. She has a right to abstain from any one cheer (let alone one for the man who violated her sexually), not to mention the fact that one missing cheerleader would have almost no impact on the cheer. Truth be told, the squad mates should have boycotted the cheer for Bolton to begin with — all of her squadmates. I am shocked that they sided with the perpetrator in this case.

    And frankly, I am shocked the boy was not suspended from ALL activity involving the opposite gender, and ALL activity representing the school. Instead of suggesting to the girl that she should avoid the cafeteria, you should have asked the man/boy who assaulted her to avoid school. It is pitiful that you are placing the shame, and thus the blame, of this incident on the girl. You should be embarrassed. I don't care how important your basketball team is to you; you cannot put basketball above basic human dignity (not to mention THE LAW). It is despicable that you are selling this girl's body and soul for the sake of some pathetic title.

    I am not sure I understand how you could possibly think that putting a person like this into a basketball game to **represent the school** is a good idea. Is this the message you want to send about your school? That someone can commit a crime and walk away without any consequence? That basic human dignity can be completely disregarded, disrespected, and violated, and that you will stand behind a person who commits this violation, a criminal?

    It seems that you and your school have failed to respond to this situation in an appropriate manner. To ask the victim of a violent sexual crime to cheer for the man who attacked her is beyond preposterous. It is, in fact, disturbing. The principal who put this action into motion should be ashamed of himself and fired. His actions show nothing short of a complete disregard for the female person and female body, and by your compliance, Superintendent, so do yours. I doubt that if a woman were in charge of either the school or the schools, this matter would be handled in this way. You have placed an indelible mark of shame on yourselves and your school.

    I expect that you will take immediate steps to rectify this abhorrent situation. There are no adequate words to describe how perturbed I feel by your response to this matter. You are setting a dangerous precedent — a precedent that your own wives, daughters, or granddaughters could one day become prey to (although I sincerely hope with all my heart that they never have to).

    I look forward to hearing speedily about an appropriate resolution on this matter.

    • Thanks for writing this. I am borrowing it and sending it with my own signature. Couldn't have said it better myself.

      • I'm not saying you're wrong in any of your comments, but his inbox is being flooded and thus, filtered. If you want to really be effective, avoid the obvious terms and mention of the article, etc. You have to be simple in your reply, and simply reflect the basic opinion that he is in the wrong in this situation and that you believe it should be rectified. Emails like the one above will never ever see his inbox. Trust me, I work in I.T.

  31. This is an abomination for this time in history.
    I know years ago these things happened and young girls were very fearful of taking their attackers to higher authorities due to their court cases never coming to the correct conclusion that rape is rape and ought to be treated as a serious offense ALWAYS. I had believed that these dark times for young females were over and courts understood the seriousness of these offenses. I know first hand how it feels and it dogged me for years and years. This school has just undone what women have fought for long ago.

    It is good to see on blog sites that men are as incensed as women are about this rapist who basically beat the system with the help of his school officials and misguided judge.

    I am looking for the email address to send a letter on HS behalf. Can someone give it to me please?


  32. uhhh..appearantly a conviction doesn't bar one from playing competative sports…and if a cheerleader is uncomfortable cheering for any member of the team, for any reason she should take it upon herself to resign from the squad.

  33. Not everyone has that option and we need to make the world safer for them.

  34. THE TERMINATOR says:

    TEXAS is the largest state in the country with citizens who have the smallest brains and smallest form of respect for other people.HOW SAD YOUR STATE IS. SIMPLY PITIFULL,SO PITIFULL!!!

  35. disgusted says:

    I cannot believe that the boy was allowed to return to school, let alone play on the basket ball team. If that girl was my daughter, I would have pulled her our of school until the boy was expelled. I would make the school provide a tutor to come to my house to make sure my daughter would stay current with her school work, and I would have done all I could to have the school's principal, and supervisor FIRED. What kind of coach would allow a criminal on the basket ball team anyway????

    • timnicholas says:

      I understand what you're saying, and you're right that he really should not have been allowed to play, but wouldn't the girl pulling out of school be letting her attacker have power over her? she was courageous enough to reject the school's dumb advice to keep a low profile or whatever, and even to go on cheering knowing it would mean having to be in the same room as him and asked to cheer for him. I think that's really incredible on her part, and I'm glad she had the support of her family to not listen to the school's awful, victim-blaming bullshit

    • Jeff Anderson says:

      What kind of coach would allow a criminal on the team? Just about any in the NBA. Professional sports is full of criminals.

  36. I am not surprised that the community is not sticking by the girl and boycotting the games. Sports is WAY TO PRECIOUS to Texans. They care so much about damn high school sports, as long as they win games and championships then they are all treated like heroes, even the bastards that commit these heinous crimes, and haven't you seen enough made for tv based on a true story movies? When a high school girl is raped either by a student or even worse a faculty member, it's always the girl who is treated like the criminal and the man treated like the damn victim when the woman decides to fight back for her dignity. This society has it sucking to be a woman.

    • Yeah…I don't think being Texan has anything to do with sports being "way to precious." (The word is "too," by the way, which is taught in Texas schools.) Just look at the track records of every college with NCAA athletes, and you'll find the same story. From Duke Lacrosse to Navy Football, location has nothing to do with sporty rapists. It's also not causal; being an athlete does not turn men into rapists. There are 2 sides to every story. Assuming she was indeed raped, that boy should be in jail, and that girl should still be on the squad.

      • While I generally agree rape is a serious matter and should be prosecuted thoroughly, I do think we have to point out that in the case of Duke Lacrosse, it's been pretty well figured out the rape allegation in that case was false, and an attempt to shakedown athletes. What's sad about that is that one event hurts real women who are really abused/raped everywhere.

  37. I wrote a 1 page letter. I'm e-mailing, and my also mail it by paper if I can procure a stamp. Anyone who reads this should really take a quick 5 to 10 minutes to send an e-mail to the superintendent and principal. No matter how short or long it is, it will make a difference.

  38. Who’s Punished? Well, Who’s Powerful?

    When it comes to punishment, the powerful don’t have to worry as the powerless suffer.

    A raped cheerleader is less powerful than the football star who attacked her. So the school forces her to cheer for him, and she loses in the courts, who see the world more through the eyes of High School officials than a raped girl.

    District Attorney, Kenneth Kratz, was not fired despite texting a “hot, young” violence victim. (Public pressure did finally get him to resign.)

    New York University purchased the archives of artist, Larry Rivers, which was created in part by forcing his daughters to strip naked and discuss their sexuality. One daughter wants to destroy the tapes, but last I heard, she officially had no control.

    And a statutory rape victim becomes a felon when she’s pimped out. No one arrests the pimps or johns.
    What a sad state of affairs.

  39. I hope more people read this article and draw attention to this miscarriage of justice. Schools have obligation to take a leadership role in such cases, and in Texas they have clearly failed.

  40. I grew up in Silsbee (and my family still lives there), and it's incredible to me that THIS is what it finally makes the news for. It's a fairly small town (~7,000 population when I lived there, though I hear it's on the slide) in not-quite-rural Texas. I went to Silsbee High School, almost 10 years ago now. The superintendent was different then, but I guess not much else has changed. It's not a high-crime area, but they have their problems. The town isn't wealthy, they have to make do with what cops they have, and unfortunately, the reality is that these small-town cops don't have the experience or the training to handle a case like this. I also attended nearby Lamar University in Beaumont, and a sexual assault happened on campus in the library, and for some reason, the rapist in question in that case was not prosecuted either, or even arrested — though he returned to the scene (while cops were present, mind you) with some of the victim's property on his person. The small-town cops are reluctant to process rapes or domestic violence without a load of evidence, because it tends to be such a he-said, she-said matter in court, and the victims tend to get all kinds of character defamed by the defense attorneys.

    That being said, if the cops can't do anything, the school sure can. He certainly should not have been allowed back to the campus, much less back on the basketball court. I don't know what the "work of the school" is, but it definitely isn't basketball; that's a ridiculous ruling by the judge.

    I guess I'm still just kind of shocked that this could not have hit literally closer to home for me. I mean, I could've known that girl, or her older siblings.

  41. This disgusting betrayal of this young ladies saftey is exactly the reason my kids do not go to public school. There is no protection when it is someone that is important to something like a football agenda. Corruption at its lowest form.

  42. clayboggess says:

    It is amazing to what extent the ‘good ole boys’ will go to in order to protect their own. This is a major cover up. If the perpetrator had just been a normal student he would have been hung out to dry. There is a crystal clear double standard here and a ‘no win’ situation for the victim. I feel for her and her family. I’m sure they are very disgusted as well as upset and they should be!

    Clay Boggess

  43. I think this ruling calls for honesty in cheerleading. All young women need to know that once they don the uniform, they are mouthpieces for the school and its policies. Write it in a waiver and let parents and cheerleaders know they are signing away their rights. If the school feels that as a cheerleader, you don't have the right to refuse a cheer, put that down, even spelling it out. Parents need to know, if their daughter is raped, and the rapist is on the team, the daughter is still required to cheer for that player. Then let us see how many parents and kids are willing to sign that waiver.

    • Uuuh- Xaelem, that's like ok'ing Racism, and simply asking schools to insist students & parents sign a waiver notifying them that their African American children will be called "negro" in all school environments… that Muslim-anything will not be tolerated, and that only Asian kids are expected to do well in Math & Science.

      • DisgustedBy SHSCheer says:

        I think you missed Xalem's point, which was this: If cheerleaders (and their parents) were required to sign agreements that they would waive their FIRST AMENDEMENT RIGHTS to freedom of speech upon joining the squad, and might even be required to cheer for somebody who raped them, then just how many cheerleaders would there be?

  44. SICK, SICK, SICK the Superintendent and facility that did nothing to protect H.S. are no better than the 3 boys that raped her. They did nothing to protect her and to allow those boys back at school and to return to sports is just crazy but that is Silsbee ISD. I am very proud of H.S. for standing her ground and not cheering when that piece of shit came to the free throw line… On judgement day true judgement will be given!!

  45. MaryJaneHurleyBrant says:

    This is shameful. Good for the courage of this young girl. She will never regret her strength to stand up for her life! Her story is the sad story of so many girls and boys.

    I was the Captain of the Cheerleaders and I would have done the same. I cheer for this young girl's strength. No one need ever take on the shame of another and I'm 100% behind her.

    I hope the entire country learns of these disgraceful rulings.

  46. There is another petition going around facebook that already has more than 8,000 signatures! Here is a link:

  47. I hope that each of you will write a letter as well as send an email. I have done both and have sent them off.

    Although I may be thousands of miles away from your school, I will support the female student and her parents in requesting that she be reinstated on the squad. If you fail to make the reinstatement happen without specific retaliation against the student, I will support the request for you to step down from your leadership position as a Superintendent. My hope is that you will see your opportunities and be the leader you have wanted to be. You should find your soul and heart to realize that if it were your wife or daughter you would be fighting this situation and find the female students actions strong and just for the males’ behaviors. It is another sad day in this world when a person of power fails to make a stand and support the time of change and growth.

  48. It's sad that this thug was allowed to continue his academic – oh who am I kidding – basketball career at this school, while his victim was told to basically shut up and avoid causing a scene.

    Sue the pants off of them sister! Then make a long list of everyone at that hellhole of a school who made you look like the bad guy and write the book.

    • She did attempt to sue them and a court threw out the ruling saying that as a cheerleader she has to basically do what she's told. The criminal trial has already been decided, so the option they had was to go afterthe school for kicking her off the team. They tried and failed.

  49. allison derouen says:

    i just looked at the Silsbee Bee and searched cheerleader. Alot of stories and videos come up. But the most disturbing one is of one of the attackers, his sister, and his mother. as the mother says she supports her son, i wonder how she would feel if her daughter was raped. from the sound of it, she probably wouldn't care. This whole story is disgusting and my heart goes out to the victim. She should not have to live a low profile life and as for the attackers, they should be horsewhipped until they can't walk.

  50. The superintendent would have given the boy the satisfaction of hearing the cheerleader scream his name? Unbelievable.

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