What Do Sexy Halloween Costumes for Men Look Like?

In many parts of the Western world, Halloween (for adult women, and increasingly for girls too) has morphed into an opportunity or imperative to dress “sexy”. Such costumes for women and girls are par for the course, where men usually go for scary, funny, or creative. Brandi H., however, found a link to “sexy costumes for men” at Msn.com that claims “There are sexy options for men, too.”

Let’s take a look. While women’s sexy costumes are typically decidedly sexy (tight with lots of exposed skin), these men’s “sexy” costumes are simply suggestive. In two cases, they “suggest” that men should be sexually serviced or played with (the “breathalyzer” and the “ring toss”):

In a third, the joke is that he is a perfect candidate for casual sex (the “one night stand”):

In a fourth, the costume is simply sexy because it’s related to (stereotypes) about prostitution (the “hustler”):

So, when women go sexy for Halloween, it usually means being seen as a sex object for others. When men go sexy, it means joking about how men should be sexually serviced, have access to one night stands, or being in charge of and profiting from women’s bodies. A different type of “sexy” entirely.

The other two costumes are simply nonsensical in context. I suppose policemen (and men in uniform in general) are supposed to be sexy in American culture. And I guess bunnies are related to Playboy bunnies?  But the costume certainly misses the mark.

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Read more from Sociological Images about men dressing as “fat” women for Halloween.


  1. Carol King says:

    OMG – I thought I'd see some guy in a Speedo, which would be bad, but these are too much. I agree that women's costumes sexy costumes are demeaning, but I have to admit that I laughed — they're so absurd.

  2. Dominique Millette says:

    It would be easy enough to get a sexy calendar firefighter outfit – just unbutton a lot and bring the hose …

  3. shawnakenney says:

    Ya gotta laugh–they look so ridiculously UN-sexy!

  4. LOL mmmm that bunny… honestly, if I saw a guy with that ring-toss costume, I'd thing he was a desperate tool.

    Can we all just be classy and funny on Halloween?? I love old-school costumes, like appropriate and cute- my friend's being a mummy. Awesome. 🙂

  5. Here's a website with creative costumes for women: http://takebackhalloween.org/

  6. Go look up sexy spandex costumes, more on underwear sites. The problem is, women are generally sexier than men (and I say this as a gay man). Its easier for a woman to look good, especially with the number of men now-a-days who are overweight. Go to a gay club sometime, you'll see tons of sexy men but half of them will be wearing women's costumes (ex.: the Avatar movie, I saw four guys wearing the woman's version of the suit at a party.)

  7. Caroline G says:

    In the thumb nail I thought the one-night stand costume was a chocolate bar. which sounds sexier than any of these other costumes combined. mmm, chocolate…

  8. This article is heavily biased against men and toward women, but what can we expect from Ms. Magazine. Instead of talking about how men's sexuality needs to be liberated and that the reason why men don't wear sexy, skin-exposing costumes is because they're sexuality is NOT liberated, Ms. Magazine turns the tables and says this is because women are treated as sex objects and "it means joking about how men should be sexually serviced, have access to one night stands, or being in charge of and profiting from women’s bodies." Ridiculous. Why not try to put yourself in a man's shoes instead of just playing victim each and every time. Stop brainwashing and preaching to the choir and instead start standing up for gender equality.

  9. Seileach Corleigh says:

    How about dressing up as Jareth from Labyrinth? David Bowie is sexy to a lot of people, and the following is NOT him, it’s a guy cosplaying him:
    Also, Captain Jack–either one, because bold pirates and dashing time agents are sexy.

    Also, also, practically any of the Doctors(especially the last four, mmmm).

    The point is, a guy who wanted to be sexy for Halloween(or whenever) could dress up as practically ANY hot guy from any fandom. (Except Twilight, ew, those guys are creepy, not sexy)

    Why are the sexy male costumes only known to sci-fi and anime fans?? Do any mainstream guys have a clue about this? Obviously, the mainstream guys either aren’t really interested in being sexy(because being sexy is a woman’s job, men shouldn’t have to) or they have a really wrong-headed notion of what turns straight women on. No, being a jerk isn’t it, contrary to morning radio show hosts and their ilk.

    I wish more guys *would* get a clue. *sigh*

  10. Sexy for a guy–maid outfit. It doesn’t even have to be a girlie one, an apron without a shirt would be fine. If you are married and especially if you have kids help with housework is definitely a turn on! But most young guys don’t know that.

  11. Jessica Stites says:

    TMZ’s sexy costume contest this year just goes to show Audrey’s point. http://photos.tmz.com/galleries/tmzs_sexy_hallowe… All of the “sexy” male costumes read as jokes, but most of the women’s are deadly serious attempts at sexiness.

  12. I find it really interesting the men’s police costume looks a lot more like an actual police uniform than the “sexy” women’s police costumes. No short-shorts for the guys? This is another great article that address the difference between women’s costumes being sexy while real women in uniform are not seen that way. http://www.psychologyofwomen.com/blog/essays/why-… There’s also a companion piece about men in uniform being made into sex objects. Fascinating stuff!

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