WTF Has Nancy Pelosi Done For Us, Anyway?

Inspired by the website, we decided to create our own version for those who haven’t heard that Nancy Pelosi was the most effective House Speakers in U.S. history.

For our full feature on Nancy Pelosi, check out the Ms. Winter 2011 issue.

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  1. Yes! Nancy deserves this! She is one of the best we've had. Kudos to "Ms." for daring to do what others were too afraid to do.

  2. Shame on Time and Newsweek!! Nancy Pelosi was the hightest ranking women in our government . She was an effective speaker who pushed through important legislation. The ugly fact that she was targeted with such hatred is nothing short of unbridled misogny. (Remember Hillary)

  3. This is awesome!! Well done, Ms. !

  4. Smart, savvy, and evidently threatening. Nothing new about that. I'm proud!

  5. She killed Social Security privatization, turned the Democrats into an antiwar party over the objections of Emanuel and Hoyer, passed the stimulus, passed health care reform twice, and passed cap and trade through the House.

    The most underratedly awesome moment for Democrats in the past 10 years was when she replaced Dick Gephardt as House Democratic Leader.

  6. I like this a lot! However, on the WTF Has O. Done website, they included a link to an article about each issue for those of us who would like to know more about each issue. This is helpful for people like myself who are not always too politically savvy. Also, if you are speaking to a disbeliever about this, it's nice if you can back it up with factual material.

  7. Actually the elimination of preexisting is only available on group insurance policies, so we as an individual policy holder got the shaft again. It truly was a great idea but somehow the lawmakers screwed the pooch.

  8. But she's still a woman….

  9. And she is my Representative in the house! Yahoo. Great job Madame Speaker. You are excellent, and I am grateful.

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