No Comment: SNL’s Transphobic Ad

If Saturday Night Live’s fake ad for “Estro-maxx” last night had any purpose–or punchline–besides transphobia, we missed it.

Shouldn’t fake advertising be an opportunity to satirize mainstream ads to, you know, humorous effect? Maybe the SNL writing staff needs a refresher course from Sarah Haskins:

Update: GLAAD has started a petition campaign demanding an apology from SNL. You can add your name here.


  1. Absolutely tasteless besides being a lame excuse for humor. It was like watching a junior high school "comedy" skit. Well trannies have cooties. Jeez. Boycott SNL. Now!

  2. phobic? Ummm… well I guess if one chooses to see it as 'offensive'. Kinda like Bill Hader doing his character Stefon… I find things like this and Stefon hilarious, because I love parody and satire. As with any parody or satire, someone will always find a way to be offended…and that is their choice.

    But I believe life is so much more enjoyable when one chooses to find the humor and positive parts, instead of always looking for ways to be offended.

    • A parody is a reworking or misrepresentation of something or using irony in order to make a point–this ad had neither of those. The only trigger the audience is given to laugh at a lens like this is for the simple fact that it is on SNL and therefore supposed to be funny.

      However, laughing at something like this is the same as laughing at a transgender person walking down the street. Can you tell me any difference?

  3. So glad to see this post! I happened to see this on Saturday while flipping through the channels and thought to myself: i can't believe that not a single member of that production team stop to say "umm, maybe this isn't ok." It's 2011, making fun of trans ppl ISN'T funny, edgy or ironic. This is why I stopped watching The Soup, because the host basically only has 3 jokes: You're fat, you're a slut, and you're gay. Like, really? I guess it's much harder trying to come up with actual jokes than it is to regurgitate stereotypes.

    • It’s so true… that’s why I stopped watching Family Guy and Robot Chicken… adding you’re a nerd, you’re from the South, and the obligatory poop/fart/burp/puke humor to the three jokes on The Soup. At least 60% of the comedy shows on TV now are the same recycled tired old stereotype gags. You can watch three separate shows and swear you saw the same thing all three times only with different characters.

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