Leslie Knope Loves Ms. Magazine!

Leslie Knope, the fictional deputy director of the Parks and Recreation department in Pawnee, Ind., is the ultimate feminist. She has pictures of Nancy Pelosi and Margaret Thatcher on her walls, dreams one day of being the first female president and celebrates Galentine’s Day instead of Valentine’s Day, honoring her female friendships. Played by the hilarious Amy Poehler, Knope is my fictional feminist hero (and I’m not the only one.) Last night Kerensa Cadenas and I attended the Paleyfest Parks & Recreation panel and got a chance to yell a quick question Amy Poehler’s way. She confirmed what we already knew in our hearts–Leslie Knope loves Ms. magazine.

Do what Leslie would probably do if she wasn’t, you know, fictional: subscribe to Ms! Photo of Amy Poehler from Wikimedia Commons.


  1. If Leslie Knope has posters of Margaret Thatcher on her wall, she probably isn't quite the "ultimate" feminist. Do you think Thatcher is a valid role model simply because she was Britain's first woman PM or do you actually know how badly she screwed the country? Google it. Her reign of terror was pretty horrifying–sad that Ms is touting it.

    This is basically the equivalent of worshiping Sarah Palin if she became the first woman President.

    • Bella Abzug says:

      If I'm not mistaken, I think there is also a photo of Palin on her shelf. No one ever said that the character worshipped Thatcher or approved of her policies. I think the point is that she puts photos up of ALL women who had important positions in the government because her life is working for the government. She uses that as inspiration that it's possible to break through the glass ceiling, not that oppressive politics are the way to go. I think you're sort of missing the point of this article by focusing on Margaret Thatcher's corrupt politics.

  2. i <3 Leslie Knope.

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