No Comment: March Madness, A Guide for Girls

It’s that time of year again, gals. The time of year when we sit down, furl our lady brows, and try our darndest to take part in that gee-whiz-tough office tradition, the March Madness pool. I know it’s hard, what with the estrogen-fuddled brains and all, but thanks to winemaker Seven Daughters’ March Gladness table, a handy, lady-centric tool for picking your bracket, we can finally feel included in the old boys’ club.

Or so the marketers behind this infographic seem to believe. Smart move? Doubtful.

Not only does this ridiculous ad undermine women’s intelligence, it completely dismisses the existence of women’s basketball (Note to copy writers: Not all point guards are men), thereby snubbing the growing number of women’s sports fans who flock to basketball games all year round and the many girls and young women who participate in the sport.

Hey, Seven Daughters, we’re not buying it!

Want to give the winemaker a piece of your mind? Email the company or post your feedback to their Facebook page.


  1. Jacqueline says:


  2. likelikelikelikelike!!! this is totally true 😀 forwarding the pic (not the story, it's lame) to everyone!!

  3. nikitabluewriter says:

    Hey, wait a minute…. (Do we all REALLY seem that stupid to them???)

  4. Ridiculous! Women are very knowledgeable about sports and march madness. I bet many women are winning their pools at their companies. We should do a survey and see the percentage of women who win their brackets!

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