No Comment: Carl’s Jr Exec Discovers Turkey Is a Country

Thursday night used to be my happy night, thanks to the reigning queens of comedy, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (NBC’s Parks and Rec, 30 Rock). But lately that perfect happiness has been marred by a Carl’s Jr. commercial:

Yes, it sells turkey burgers by showing the actual Miss Turkey–Gizem Memic–in a bikini. And helpfully explains this strategy in a voiceover:

To help you remember our delicious new charbroiled turkey burger, we hired Miss Turkey. To help you remember Miss Turkey, we put her in a bikini. And to help you remember Miss Turkey’s bikini, we had it designed with little tiny pictures of our charbroiled turkey burger. [Cue zoom-in on breasts, crotch].

In addition to sounding like a Marketing 101 homework assignment scribbled on a cocktail napkin by someone who has just read that “sex sells” (and that there is a country named Turkey, like the bird!), it manages to imply that women are only memorable when nearly-naked. And that their sexualized bodies are tools for selling burgers. And that stripping is a failsafe way to get male attention. And, and … I’ll let you take it from here.

It’s just the latest in a line of supposed-to-be-so-bad-they’re-funny-but-actually-just-bad Carl’s Jr. ads that Gawker has dubbed “Slutburger.” If you’d like to become a vegetarian, you can watch them here.

Tell Carl’s Jr what you think via web form or call 877-799-STAR (7827).


  1. michelekort says:

    And to remember how that delicious charbroiled turkey got to the bun, think of Sarah Palin and this video:

  2. We posted about this very ad on our blog here:
    Note especially the lovely comment towards the bottom from a man who has clearly internalized these messages.
    Great work!

  3. Shame on Carl's Jr, but we can't forget: Shame on MISS TURKEY. She's just as much to blame here.

  4. Gretchen says:

    Wah, wah, wah.

  5. Amanda Montei says:

    Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you posted this! I almost fell over when I saw this commercial. Apparently Carl's Jr. would like to argue that if they know they're sexist, it's okay. BLECH!

  6. absolutely agree. there should be some kind of law filtering what can be pictures in ads and what can't be. there should be no way for such objectifying and discriminating ads.

  7. Dan Gershom says:

    Get real. What about the television programs that bracket the advertisments? And the more subtle sexual content and innuendo in ads and programs, that doesn’t leap of the screen but pulls you in subconsciously anyway. If you eliminate sexual objectivication television and movies would go broke. There would be nothing to see on TV except Soviet-style documentaries on the development of agricultural machinery. Think of it — no American Idol, no sports, no comedy programs. What would people do with themselves?

  8. The faux-outrage on display here is so boring. And if it’s genuine outrage, I’m even more disturbed. You do understand that this is EXACTLY the type of response that Carl’s Jr. is after? I googled the ad after seeing it because I was curious to see if that was actually Ms. Turkey or just an actress. You disparage Carls Jr. For their basic advertising techniques, but what sucessful campaign isn’t based in fundamentals? If the beauty of a womans body disturbs you, perhaps it’s an issue rooted deep within yourself and the anger and frustration you are expressing over a specific ad that is shown in between episodes of your favorite shows that are just as quick to use sex and stereotypes as a basis for humo, is merely a way of appropriating anger and rage to a place that feels safe for you. The hypocrisy on display in your post is ammusing. 30 Rock and Parks & Rec. are just as concious as Carls Jr. when objectifying woman and using sex as a basis for humor. The real irony is that TV Shows are the real ads and the ads are actually the product you are consuming. Get TIVO or watch hulu, sheesh…

  9. Something must be wrong with my computer. The article on my screen read blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, jealous high horse.

  10. It’s not just this commercial but all commercials, sitcoms, movies, media, etc uses and abuses the successful formula that “sex sells” hollywood, the media, and the whole world system wud be broke, dead and gone if they never used sex to sell their products or to sell sex to keep u watching their movies and shows or to sell sex to keep u reading their magazine or clicking on their website or buying their clothes and outfits and prefumes and colognes. lol isn’t this redundant but sadly and pathetically TRUE. Take it from me. this is my expertise. I am a recovering sex addict and porn addict and that is the past cuz now as a Christian, my my mind is renewed and purified in Christ Jesus. plus im a student on this cuz i did my research. yeah, Satan is behind this evil world systen that liberates carls jr to have pornigraphic commercials. yeah, the illuminati is behind this since the illuminati r puppets of Satan to keep people in the world, pollute their minds and hearts, and to keep them away from Jesus. peace.

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