The Results Are In: No Pap Smears at Walgreens

Over the weekend, women around the country took it upon themselves to find out if, like Fox & Friends said, Planned Parenthood isn’t really necessary because pap smears and breast exams are readily available at Walgreens. Curious to see what happened? Watch the video below:

The verdict is: No, you cannot get a pap smear or a breast exam at Walgreens. No surprises there. But thank you, Pap Smear Please organizers, for making us laugh and for reminding us how important funding Planned Parenthood is.


  1. Really? I don’t understand how things get this ridiculous…I’ll take chapstick, windex and….oh, throw in a pap too!

  2. mentalocity says:

    OMG that is so funny. I am always fully in favor of anyone who wants to prove what total ignorant assholes the FOX people are. Go Pap girls!

  3. Now I'll be the first to slam Fox for producing BS news shows, but this is a gross mischaracterization of anchor banter going out of sync on live TV. Go back and listen carefully to the order of what was said. The guy who spoke about Walgreens HAD to have been speaking in response to the blood pressure checks, not the latter two things. Haven't we all had a response turn embarrassing because it was two seconds late?

    Guy A: "He was talking about Planned Parenthood being this great provider where women can get blood pressure…checks–"
    Guy B: "Right."
    Guy A: "…and pap smears and breast–"
    Guy B "Which you can get at Wal–"
    Guy A: "…examinations."
    Guy B: "…greens."

    This is drumming up something out of nothing…not unlike a certain Newscorp-owned right-wing cable news channel does on the opposite end of the political spectrum, I might add. It's one thing for comedian Stephen Colbert to do it for laughs, but if Ms. Magazine purports to be taken seriously about media criticisms, such as the recent commentary regarding NYT's coverage of the police rapist, then it should at least treat others' content fairly and hold itself to a higher standard and treat others' content fairly.

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