Laying the Smackdown on HIS Candy Ass

There is nothing more awkward than watching a guy beg for a woman’s number, even for the sake of comedy. No, especially for the sake of comedy.

The now-viral video “Laying the SmackDown on Her Candy Ass – Get Her Number!”–whose popularity was helped by it being tweeted by Ashton Kutcher and The Rock–shows a bunch of rather nerdy college guys trying to pick up women on the street. The twist here is that the guys are using ridiculous wrestling lines–such as “lay the smackdown on your candy ass”–which makes the video mildly amusing at times, but mostly it’s just plain misogynist.

Here’s the video in question:

Some of the interactions are harmless enough, but others make you want to protect the woman in question. The thing is, being hit on isn’t flattering; it’s a form of harassment. Women typically do not walk along a street hoping to garner such attention–whether the pickup lines come from the WWE or not. Women also don’t expect to be secretly filmed and then have their interactions posted on the Internet.

Guys, there’s a surefire way to know that you’re making a woman uncomfortable: She’ll laugh nervously. Society has give women the message to be polite and ladylike, and this takes the form of nervous laughter when we’re in a stressful situation. Inside, we might be saying, “Get the hell away from me,” but outside we giggle. Many of the women in the video let out this laugh when one of the guys says, “Come on, let me have your number.” Rather than clearly saying no, they say, “I don’t think so.” I know that a lot of guys who watch this video will say, “If they don’t want to, they should just say no.” But guys, the truth is that we’re trying. You have to understand that since you’re a strange man coming up to us, we are likely to see you as an aggressor, and we’re trying not to make you mad.

Street harassment sucks. It’s uncomfortable and occasionally shameful. When my friends and I lived in New York City, we had to deal with it all the time, so we would put in our IPod earbuds and try to block out the catcalls. But we couldn’t block out the stares. And in case you’re wondering, it didn’t matter what we were wearing: I could walk outside in sweat pants without makeup and I would get catcalled or asked out by the guy serving me frozen yogurt. And it’s not like a movie in which Jake Gyllenhaal plays the frozen yogurt guy and is all charming and gorgeous and lovable. No, it’s creepy, it’s weird, and when I politely decline the guy keeps up his rap–just like in the video. Guys, that’s when you go from a regular person to a creepy effing stranger. Do you really want to be a creepy effing stranger?

I couldn’t watch this video without creating my own video response, so here it is:

Photo by Flickr user daysofthundr46 under license from Creative Commons 2.0


  1. Vanessa Jimenez says:

    Thank you Almie Rose! Your video is a million times more clever and sophisticated than that lame college ‘boy’ video. If grown college men are turning to WWE wrestling to find clever ways to gain a woman’s heart, they are surely doomed! And if it was all for fun and humor in their eyes, it’s sad to see how aggressive behavior and misogyny can be funny to anyone! It’s straight up disrespectful!

  2. My company is the leading provider of in -school programs that empower and inspire teen girls across Australia. I’m loving your video and will be sharing with our “enlighten Education” Fans on Facebook. Brilliant stuff!

    Dannielle Miller

    CEO Enlighten Education, author “The Butterfly Effect – A Positive New Approach To Raising Happy, Confident Teen Girls.”

  3. THIS is Ms.? What happened? The revolution happened, went away, and we’re back to outraged virgins? Puh-leaze. Of course these young men are pursuing you. They’re doing exactly what they are supposed to do. Did you fall asleep in your Anthropology or Biology courses? Rather than curl up your lipsticked sneer, how about simply ask, what interests you? What turns you on? The last time a young man stopped me on the street for my phone number, my response was, “Sweetie, if I was 15 years younger, you wouldn’t know what hit you.” He looked a bit startled. And did not know what to say after that. Precisely. A word to the wise. For the 20-somethings coming of age, males want access to females. Females want access to resources. You have tremendous power. Stop playing victim.

    • I don’t believe you are a woman for a second. Nervous 20 year old women in these situations aren’t trying to “access resources”, they’re trying to get away from an aggressive man safely. The only power that counts in such interactions is the power of that man to rape or kill you, and every woman knows this. Since you obviously subscribe to evolutionary psychology bullshit, please subscribe to the idea of basic survival instinct.

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