No Comment: “Give Us Your Cash, Bitch”

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes “Give Us Your Cash, Bitch,” the frontrunner for the most racism and misogyny ever combined in one political ad. In it, Los Angeles City Council member Janice Hahn, who is running for California’s 36th Congressional seat against Republican Craig Huey, is portrayed as a stripper who offers cash from her underwear to her so-called “homeboyz” so they can “shoot up the streets.”

The ad’s creator, Ladd Ehlinger Jr., was evidently inspired by Hahn’s support of the “Gang Alternatives Program,” which works to keep children as young as 4th graders out of gangs. Ehlinger produced the ad for the conservative super-PAC Turn Right USA, and has already responded to critics of his portrayal with the following statement: “Suck it.” Both Hahn and Huey have condemned the ad.


  1. What is this, I don’t even.

    Is it supposed to be funny?

    I mean, there’s a still from the movie “Brazil” at the end there — along with the implication that Anthony Weiner and his now infamous shlong are “gangsters.”

    Anybody who would take this seriously is beyond help already.

  2. WOW.

  3. deb toman says:

    this is so unbelievable…playing on the latent racism of the older white population. Have they lost their minds. I am so incensed I don’t have any words to express my feelings…

  4. I tweeted this:

    @LADreamCenter will you allow @CraigHuey ( to be involved w/the trafficking ministry after release of his campaign ad?

  5. Wow. I mean…wow. In general, I’m not a person who’s easily shocked. I’ve worked in psych wards, domestic violence shelters, seen some pretty awful shit. But that kind of made me speechless. Not only the audacity of this person, but the hostility he had to have to put out such a horrifyingly hateful and disgusting ad is truly disturbing. I’m disturbed.

  6. I’d have to agree with Sarah Ann on this one. I was disturbed by it as well. It wasn’t thoughtful or provided any insight at all as to why Ms. Hahn was not a good candidate or why her opponent was. Just a poorly created video with an annoying jingle to go along with it. Just tragic what passes for “informational” advertising these days.

  7. Besides the fact the the ad has blatantly horrible racist and misogynistic overtones, what are some of the pictures that flash by? Charles Manson? Are they implying she’s going to get Charles Manson out of jail?????? Terribly made ad in terrible taste.

  8. This may be the most egregious ad I have ever beheld in my life. It is both racist and promotes violence against women. Like racist propaganda in the past, it preys upon the fears (as Ms. Toman says) of a racist population. It presents black men as sexual predators and white women in an antiquated “cult of true womanhood” manner of needing to be protected from barbaric black men. It perpetuates an idea, which is already prevalent in our society, that both black men and all women are commodities that society can exploit in order to sell products and ideologies and politics. It is insensitive to the many women who have experienced rape by the use of graphic depictions. Not only did it turn my stomach, but has caused anxiety thinking of the possibility that children may witness this ad and experience trauma. I feel utterly hopeless about American politics and women ever overcoming the rampant sexism in our society when I witness such garbage. Though we have made many gains as women, it seems as though violence directed toward us has increased significantly. In many of my political debates now, I must contend with sexism right, center, liberal, and left, from both women and men, railing against female politicians using sexist pejoratives and portrayals. I am beyond angry and hope American women will unite and protest this type of trash.

  9. I’ve seen disgusting things before. I have to say this is the topper.

  10. Every single day the pornographers put out media material that is every bit as offensive of this and much worse because actual sexworkers are very often harmed in its making.


    If more feminists gave up the luxury of remaining ignorant about the contents of the multibillion dollar porn industry there would be a lot less shock about ads like this.

    As a domestic violence counselor, I have looked at the pornography my clients have fingered as implicated in the abuse they suffered, so I am not shocked at the content of this ad. Not shocked in the slightest.

  11. Bossycat says:

    … I know you want me to be angry, but…I couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through…this is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time…it’s like it was produced by Liz Lemon. How ridiculous can you get?

  12. Bossycat says:

    Ok – the fact that it is a real campaign ad and not a sitcom spoof – yes, that’s disturbing, just like Sarah Palin’s endless nonsense is disturbing. But at a certain point, what more can you do but laugh at them? They are obviously not to be taken seriously.

  13. SaynaTheSpiffy says:

    Actually, I can’t bring myself to believe that this isn’t a joke.

  14. Yes, I ended up laughing at this ‘ad’ just because it was so absurd. Unfortunately, the other side of me is concerned that somebody ‘might’ take this seriously.

  15. Good Lord… Only in LA.

  16. Elyse the Kraken says:

    Stay classy.

    They didn’t even use good font!

  17. Quit blaming other people for your crimes. Take responsibility!!!!!!

  18. Definitely racist, notice how all the mug shots are white guys? Unbelievable! As a white man I am deeply hurt and offended by this racial stereotyping.

  19. I couldn’t help but laugh, and wonder if this wasn’t perhaps a joke.

    I also got to thinking that maybe the point behind this wasn’t to be accurate or really informative, but to simply be memorable. Stuff like this grabs your attention instantly and sticks with you. Which is perhaps what the goal was here. Because let’s face it; most people only pay limited attention to what goes on around them. So that come ballot time, voters will recall SOMETHING bad about Hahn, even if they don’t remember it’s ridiculousness. Just negativity associated with her in general, and that may be enough to swing opinions.

    Either way, this was good for a chuckle. And rather than get upset, I’m simply going to ignore the fact that Mr. Huey exists, and deny him the satisfaction of having “moved” me. The less attention we give him, the less power he has. Eventually he’ll just disappear.

  20. Freedom of speach is way out of hand.

  21. This was so over the top I too had to wonder if it was on the level. But even then it was in incredibly poor taste. You have to wonder about the actors that agreed to play the “gangsta” roles.

  22. OK- can’t bring myself to watch such negativity. Can someone please give me a good summary of the video or transcripts? Do you think that there’s any out there?

  23. One word, shame, shame, shame!!!!

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