No Comment: Duke Nukem Forever

It’s no surprise when new video games are bloody and overtly sexist. Grand Theft Auto drew outrage when players realized they could not only solicit sex but also kill the sex worker (after she’s done, of course). Recently released Duke Nukem Forever may actually one-up Auto, as it’s a game in which objectifying women isn’t just enabled but encouraged–and rewarded with points.

The game’s premise is simple: “The Alien invaders are stealing Earth’s women, especially the hot ones!” It falls on Duke “balls-of-steel” Nukem to win them back. The first-person shooter game has players killing aliens and “rescuing” women. In his scathing review, Ars Technica game editor Ben Kuchera describes the action:

The women in the alien craft are being forcibly impregnated by the aliens, and during your journey, you hear a mixture of screams and sexual noises. After I accidentally blew up a few of these female victims in a firefight, Duke made a joke about abortion.

Another fun feature is “Capture the Babe,” a capture-the-flag-style segment where players have to throw women over their shoulder. If the women seem distressed, players are told to slap the women on the butt as “reassurance.”

Advertisements for the much-hyped game feature Duke sitting atop a throne, with two young women dressed in school-girl uniforms fawning at his feet. (They’re the same females who perform oral sex on the Duke in the opening sequence of the game.) “Kicking @$$ and Taking Dames,” the poster reads.

Thanks for censoring the swear word. Otherwise, this might be offensive.


  1. Elyse the Kraken says:

    I’ll be sure to “accidentally” misplace these stupid games on the shelves of all the nearest stores.

  2. I wrote a post about the Duke Nukem advertising last week – particularly the fetishization of women and sexual violence.

  3. I had the great misfortune of finding myself at a bus stop with a poster for this game yesterday. The poster was about 6′ tall. The girls fawning at Duke’s feet were wearing Catholic school uniforms with the tops open to their bellies and their skirts were shorter than some of my belts are wide. I was in a nice residential neighborhood, not far from an elementary school and a high school. I wondered about the conversations between the kids at this bus stop. Then I remembered to be grateful I’m not raising a child, especially a girl, in this f*ked up world where swear words are censored, but abduction, rape, and abortion are entertainment.

  4. I wouldn’t be too worried about this game if I were you. In my experience as a female gamer, only sub-par games desperate for attention will resort to these tactics. Duke nukem is an aged game, completely un-revamped, and pretty much ignored by most gamers interested in GOOD games.

    There are many video games with strong female characters (My favorite is Mass Effect in which I play as an asian female Commander Shepard).

    The makers of Duke Nukem are hoping to make a profit off juvenile teenaged boys who they assume will be entertained by this kind of misogyny. But even teenaged boys won’t shell out money for a crappy game. At most they may rent it, play it for an hour then completely lose interest. All the games with the greatest accolades are the ones with compelling storylines. Duke Nukem will be a niche game if even that.

  5. Thank goodness it’s getting the worst reviews of any video game in existence! Gamers aren’t touching this one.

  6. I am really glad the game is absolutely terrible and everyone hates it. I’d still rather it not exist though.

  7. sumitra says:

    Thank you fd, for your thoughtful comments. I am even more happy that you are a gamer yourself and participate in what must be a male-dominated culture. Your voice of experience is needed, so we won’t have an excessive reaction to something that will die a natural death. Still, it would be nice if civilization had evolved to the stage where this wouldn’t happent in the first place.

  8. FD, I respectfully disagree. I’ve been an avid female gamer and denizen of gaming forums for years and if there’s one thing gamers hate, it’s women.

  9. Allison says:

    The over sexualization of women in video games no longer shocks me, which is a sad thought indeed. It is appalling that we have come to simply expect such objectification. Though, interesting note for gamers, particularly those who enjoy the sims: I was recently playing the sims3 and my married sims (one male, one female; though I think LGBT relationships are now possible), they both had the same job and the woman reached the peak of hers first, however, no matter how many raises she got, she always made less than the guy when he finally caught up. Her raises were always a little less than his. I haven’t been able to enjoy the game anymore because of this. I was really disappointed that a game I thought might be a little more progressive, you know the ability to give your character any skin, hair, or eye color and make their body shape whatever you want and create LGBT relationships would have created equal pay for men and women within the game. After-all, despite such a thing being a reality, we don’t play games for the reality of them.

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