This Is What the National Organization for Marriage Is Scared Of?

Yesterday marked the day that gay and lesbian couples across New York were finally legally able to marry. According to The New York Times, 659 marriage licenses were issued on Sunday alone.

The anti-gay National Organization for Marriage held their rallies in protest, of course. The Associated Press claimed that thousands showed up. NOM tried to piggyback on that to say that a total of over 10,000 people showed up at its four rallies around the state.

However, pictures from the other rallies, such as the patchily attended one in Buffalo, demonstrate that NOM may be stretching the truth. And of course NOM doesn’t mention how it bussed in folks or where exactly it got the 10,000 number.

But that’s not important right now. Yesterday was the most important day for a lot of New York gay couples. And I want to present a video montage of the various couples getting married complete with their families and friends showing their support.

And I also want to ask the simple question: Why should anyone be scared of this? How do these scenes destroy the idea of marriage?

I dare anyone to give me a good, complete answer. No hypothetical mess derived from board rooms. No junk about marriage being the “uniting of the two halves of humanity.” Give me a concrete reason as to what is wrong with these Americans getting married.

Or can you?

And here are portraits of 20 couples who got married yesterday.

Of course, the federal government doesn’t recognize these marriages, though there’s a bill pending to change that. You can lend your support for the Respect for Marriage Act here.

Adapted from a post at Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters.

Photo from Flickr user Carbon NYC under Creative Commons 2.0.


  1. Scott Rose says:

    NOM is scared of nothing. It exploits anti-LGBT animus in the population to stimulate financial donations to NOM. These ignornant, wasteful and hateful protests stand in stark contrast to the joy seen on the married couples’ faces. The throwback NOM-Westboro Axis of Hate is a social anachronism.

  2. Roni Jo Patterson says:

    What I am thinking is, NOM and their ilk need to go straight to the hell they claim to be so afraid of!

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