NEWSFLASH: Alaska Rep Says Men Should Have To Approve Abortions

Not one to be left in the cold, Alaska has jumped on the mandatory ultrasound bandwagon too.

But that’s not all. Perhaps it’s because these laws are becoming so routine that conservative lawmakers feel the only way they can get headlines is to make each new proposal more outrageous than the last. That would explain Republican state Rep. Alan Dick’s suggestion that women should have to get permission from whomever impregnated them before terminating a pregnancy:

If I thought that the man’s signature was required … in order for a woman to have an abortion, I’d have a little more peace about it.

Dick’s suggestion, of course, would criminalize women who had an abortion without such permission.

As Robin Marty reports, Ohio already tried such a move in 2009. That “paternal consent” bill would have required women to obtain permission from the biological father before having an abortion, and, in cases of more than one partner, to provide a full list of men with whom she had sex. Any woman who lied about the identity of a potential father or doctors who aborted without permission from the father would be prosecuted.

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Read more in law professor Jessica Pieklo’s series on the war on women.

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  1. Anne Reed says:

    Great, patriarchy at its finest. Not only do men have a controlling share over women’s bodies, they can now turn women into involuntary incubation units. This is outrageous. You do not have a right to my uterus and what I do with it. The UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights covers my right to privacy, integrity of person, and protects me from sex-based discrimination.

    Alaskan women – do not tolerate these attacks on your person!

  2. My body my choice my vagina. This is a witch hunt to scale back womens reproductive rights. next thing you know our vaginas will be branded with a chip to keep a record of visitors.

  3. So…rape victims? Victims of incest? We want to make them get their assailant’s/abuser’s permission to abort? Oh and by all means let’s shame and punish any woman who may not know for sure the father of the fetus (but if a man sleeps with multiple women in a month, high-five to him!). Did they think this through in the slightest?

    The blatant sexism reeks.

  4. Would rapists then have the right of refusal of abortion?

    How about a husband who raped his estranged wife?

    Just lock us all up and call us slaves… no more beating around the bush.

    • This has happened. Any time a woman wants an abortion, she is required by law to tell who thefather [or tentative father] is. Wade vs. Wade. If the man wants the child to raise, she then has to relinquish all rights to the child, carry it for nine months, and then step out of the picture. It has been done.

  5. Do men have reprductive rights? Not saying, men should have to sign off but if told about pregnancy, should men be able to recind parental responsibilities? No child support, no visitation, etc.?

    • I think it’s pretty obvious that men have reproductive rights, Lex. Men are able to do exactly what they please with their reproductive organs without the state ever getting involved. If men make the choice to impregnate someone, then they are bound by certain laws to support the result of that choice. Just as a woman who chooses to give birth to a child and then abandons it would be liable for child support. So far, so equal. Where men enjoy more rights is a) their choice to have sex and impregnate someone is absolute, whereas women who are victims of rape or incest had no choice in their pregnancy, and b) lawmakers do not ask men to submit to degrading or unnecessary procedures, or place deliberately manipulative obstacles in their way, before allowing them to make a decision about their own body.

    • Cactus Wren says:

      How about “a man gets to choose during the period of time when his body is physically involved”? And, similarly, a woman gets to choose during the period when *her* body is physically involved. Then when a child comes into existence — that would be at birth, let me make clear — both parents are equally responsible for its welfare.

      • Um. Hold on there. Women have the ability to ultimately bring a child into the world. A woman has the following options:

        Birth control to prevent pregnancy
        Termination of pregnancy via abortion
        Ability to give up.responsibility of the child via.adoption
        Have the child

        Men only have the.following options:


        Why did I not say men have the.option of birth control? Because if it fails, the man is still financially responsible for the child according to law. Women are not (abortion, adoption).

        So in other words, women have the right to much irresponsible sex as desired and never be.responsible for their actions. Men do not have that right – instead they are told “not to have sex”.

        So…try again.

  6. Alan DICK you are appropriately named! It’s a woman’s choice: period!

  7. Excuse me Mr. Rapist who I put in jail, would you kindly sign my abortion permission slip? Thanks.

  8. OK, lets breakdown the responsibility of who should have the say in an abortion. We can do this by participation. The man’s participation is about one second, then he is done. Now look at the women’s participation, it is nine months. And you want men to have an equal say? Based upon the math of participation he gets extremely small say. One second out of nine months! That is extremely small. So why would a man have equal say?

  9. Beyond, beyond outrageous and humiliating. I am ashamed that I live in this country. And where is the outrage?! Why are we, women and men, are not marching and protesting?!

  10. Clarissa says:

    There are no words I can express for how flat-out stupid this shit is.

    Even if there were, I really don’t think these fuckers deserve my time. It’s obvious that they have no sense of morals or reasoning.

    However, I am very glad that I’m finally turning 18. I can’t wait to get out there and start voting like mad. These jerks are going to be the first to go down.

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