No Comment: Boys Want Success, Girls Want Boys

A new Acuvue contact lens commercial aimed at teens reinforces both gender and racial stereotypes. The teens look forward to their futures. For the boys, these involve future career success—notice the African American teen dreams of being a famous athlete, while the white boy’s future involves moving up the corporate career ladder. And what does the girl’s life hold? A boy who currently ignores her will want to dance with her:

As the readers who submitted this ad said, the boys are future role models and leaders, while the height of the girl’s future is that she gets to be desired.

This article originally appeared at Sociological Images.

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  1. Um, ouch.

  2. Fail on so many counts. Such as: the assumption that the only thing teenage girls aspire to is gaining male attention, the assumption that all black children must want to be athletes, and the assumption that wearing glasses makes you unattractive to the opposite sex/nerdy/incapable of playing sports. PAH!

  3. Cindy T. says:

    This had to be a mistake pulled from an idea in the 70s. Does the creative team know that it is 2012? I hope my daughter’s vision remains 20/20 and if not I know she can find some amazing glasses that will contribute to accentuating her brains, beauty, and confidence for when she runs accuvue and personally fires every racist, sexist advertiser on the books. It’s almost as bad as ads for political candidates. Luckily for me, my beautiful and intelligent daughter yearns for eyeglasses ever since she was four because her best friends wear them, and she thinks they are beautiful and cool. In 2012, and our house, individuality is promoted and encouraged. Shame on accuvue for sending such direct and negative messages to our ever impressionable young who we should be building up and encouraging top achievements for humans of every race, color and creed.

  4. Do you realise that your website only allows American people who recieve mail alerts? If you are aware of it, then why are you doing it?
    Are you aware that just as 51% of world population is female, more than 70%(a lot more but this makes the point) are people who don’t live in America. Is feminism only for females living in USA? Not even America- USA.

    But then again, most media in the west never talks about blacks in their own country, and certainly never about what the women are suffering from in the middle east. Interesting, isn’t it?

    I am not saying that there aren’t Indian female blogs- there are, and I spend a lot of my time there. But this is so overtly racist that it just irritated me.
    BTW I am not really interested in the excuse as to why, the point is- if you are
    going to be a US only Blog, then you should post a US flag somewhere, so you don’t get visits/comments from people who don’t live in USA.

    I could easily lie about my state and Zip code, but why should I?

  5. And btw I loved this blog and saw a lot of good posts, and was very happy before I tried(dared?) to get into the email list.

  6. And I apologize if you weren’t actually aware of the situation and there is nothing you can do about it. It is that this happens often, and it never happens with ANY OTHER COUNTRY and I have gotten around to hating it(which is the right way to be.)

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