NEWSFLASH: N.J. Gov. Christie Eliminates Family Planning…Again

Just days after the New Jersey state legislature approved a bill that would restore the state’s family planning fund from oblivion, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took out his red pen and vetoed it last Friday. This is the third time in three years Christie has vetoed the family planning budget since he took office in late 2009.

As Ms. reported last week, the bill (S-788) was a supplement to a spending proposal for the 2013 fiscal year. Although Christie signed the $31.7 billion spending budget, he vetoed numerous provisions of the bill—including several anti-poverty initiatives.

S-788 would have added nearly $7.5 million in family planning and preventive services grants for women’s shelters and health centers, including Planned Parenthood. Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, the bill’s sponsor, was adamant that the money would not cover abortions; rather, it would have provided cancer screenings, STI and HIV testing, routine gynecological exams, affordable contraception, prenatal care and overall increased access to preventive services.

Since 2010, New Jersey has lacked a state fund dedicated to family planning and women’s health services. The effect has been striking: Planned Parenthood and other women shelters were forced to close six of the state’s 58 clinics and cut back on hours and services for its remaining clinics–thus being unable to provide for nearly 30,000 patients. Throughout the state, more than 130,000 women were dependent on these funds for their preventive and critical care, with low-income women and families bearing the brunt of the spending cuts.

Photo of Gov/ Christie from Flickr user Bob Jagendorf under Creative Commons 3.0.


  1. Evelyn McMullen says:

    Why do these politicians hate women so much that they would deny us good and safe health care? Is it the macho thing that they have to dominate us? Those who support us are our heroes.

    Those who constantly deny us the care that we, as human beings, deserve will someday rue their stand. Support Planned Parenthood for the excellent care they give to women who need it’s availability.

    Take to the polls and vote these anti-women politicians out of office.

  2. B-thorne says:

    I can NOT stand Crispy Creme.

  3. roxanne needham says:

    when are these republican control freaks going to stop trying to put american women in burkas? we are not going back and with all the anti women legislation being put out there how can ANY woman with a brain vote republican. they keep showing their disdain for women
    Roxanne Needham

  4. Danna Hinojosa says:

    If Gov. Christie is so concerned about life, why doesn’t he lose 100 lbs and care about his own health. How would he like a law saying that he is ugly and unhealthy and a threat to life. Shouldn’t the public be aware of fat peoples health choices and medical records?

    • Michelle says:

      I don’t think calling him ugly and fat really gets us anywhere apart from sounding like kids on a playground. It also kinda insulting to others who also happen to be heavy. His policies are ugly and I hope the people of NJ are smart enough not to re-elect him. He’s such an awful person-I don’t know how the hell he got elected in the first place.

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