NEWSFLASH: North Carolina to Defund Planned Parenthood

First it was New Jersey, now it’s North Carolina’s turn to take away family planning funds.

In a “midnight vote” late on Monday, the Republican-controlled General Assembly overrode Gov. Bev Perdue’s veto on the annual budget, thus stripping an estimated $200,000 from the state’s two remaining Planned Parenthood affiliates, which oversee nine clinics.

This vote marks a record-breaking 11th overturn of the governor’s veto over the last two years–and the third time in the last week alone. The pro-choice Democratic governor has faced constant opposition from her conservative General Assembly [what North Carolina calls its House] since she assumed office in 2009.

In a statement released after the final vote, Perdue lamented,

I tried repeatedly to reach a bipartisan compromise with the leaders of the General Assembly to improve their budget, but they chose confrontation over compromise.

This is the North Carolina legislature’s second attempt to defund Planned Parenthood. Last year it unsuccessfully targeted the healthcare provider through a budget provision that withheld funds from the organization’s contraceptive and teen pregnancy programs. An injunction by a federal judge, claiming the provision was unlawful, blocked the state from removing Planned Parenthood’s funds.

So how did the legislature get around that this time? Lawmakers avoided any explicit mention of Planned Parenthood in the bill, instead preventing North Carolina’s Health and Human Services department from funding any “private providers” of family planning services.

The money deferred from the Planned Parenthood clinics will be directed toward county-sponsored health departments that do not offer abortion services. The approved budget only further burdens North Carolinian women already saddled with a host of anti-choice legislation, ranging from abortion refusal clauses for doctors, nurses and health care facilities to denying low-income women state medical assistance for elective abortion procedures.

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  1. This is so awful what they are doing to the women of America! And this isn’t a war on women? Give me a break!! Are we women going to sit down and take this “evil” Southern agenda to rule over our lives? This is America, the home of the free and the brave and we certainly are not going to allow this “gestapo, fascist” takeover to decide what is best for us! Occupy Your Rights! Women of America!

  2. Oliver Hager says:

    This is what we get if ideology invades public life. If they are successful then we end up in a regime similar to many arabic countries. I have still hope that the majority of the population is intelligent enough not wasting our great country to those religious nuts.

  3. The only choice is to keep fighting..keep voting the anti-women majority out of office. Here in Wisconsin we did not succeed in getting rid of Scott Walker, however, his cohort, VanWaangard got the boot, in large part because of several last minute TV commercials that explained to women how the legislation he authored, which defunded Planned Parenthood, negatively impacted ALL women’s health. Unfortunately, those commercials failed to emphasize Walker’s role in signing said legislation, but without his buddy in the Senate Walker will have a harder time running roughshod over women, minorities, seniors and children-the major losers under his Tea Party regime.

    If we can succeed in keeping Obama in the White House in November and get rid of enough Conservatives in Congress to give him a Democratic majority in 2013, there may be some progress at the national level over the next 4 years. This will not help much with the tragic events in the states, but it will give women some much needed encouragement to keep fighting for their rights.

  4. Evelyn McMullen says:

    Why do these politicians hate women so much that they would deny us good and safe health care? Is it the macho thing that they have to dominate us? Those women who are against us, I do not understand. There is no logic to their stance. Those who support us are our heroes.

    Those who constantly deny us the care that we, as human beings, deserve will someday rue their stand. Support Planned Parenthood for the excellent care they give to women who need it’s availability.

    Take to the polls and vote these anti-women politicians out of office.

  5. Susan Henry says:

    Too bad it is too late to have the Democratic Convention held elsewhere. It would be a wake up call to NCs conservatives who are only to happy to take the democrats money

  6. Let’s see how much funding they will give to fund those jails full of unwanted babies whose mothers were never home.

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