Australian Prime Minister Schools Misogynist in Awesome Rant

If you didn’t know or even care who the prime minister of Australia was, you should now. Yesterday, Australia’s first woman prime minister Julia Gillard decided it was time to take the gloves off and deliver an oratorical one-two to opposition leader Tony Abbott.

In a masterful takedown before the country’s parliament and in front of Abbott himself, she went on an indicting rant, exposing every sexist remark or action the politician has openly made.

This comes on the heels of a recent scandal in which Australia’s speaker of the house, Peter Slipper, allegedly sexually harassed a gay staff member. Abbott said that if Gillard defended Slipper, who was pressured to resign, she would be just as sexist as the speaker.

Gillard, who has endured a barrage of belittling and misogynist comments from Abbott since she took office, had enough and called him out for his “peddling of a double standard.”

She enumerated a litany of his derogatory moves, including him standing next to a sign that described her as a “man’s bitch” and an insinuation that she lacked virtue in cohabitating with her partner.

Her speech against Abbott hit a particularly high note when she said, “If he wants to know what misogyny looks like in modern Australia he doesn’t need a motion in the House of Representatives, he needs a mirror.”

Her blistering words were a brilliant show of political feminism and effectively wiped the smirk off the opposition leader’s face, who appeared quite uneasy by the end of her speech.

Looks like we should start calling Gillard a bus driver–because she just took Abbott to school!

There is one thing we have to admit we don’t heart about Gillard, however: She’s a staunch opponent of same-sex marriage. Hopefully, she’ll come to realize that same-sex marriage is as much of a feminist issue as the misogyny she decries about Abbott.


  1. J. Kriesak says:

    What a great thing to watch, Julia Gillard put that fool Abbot in his place. Looks like Australia’s got a very strong Female Prime minister, I hope she does well, in regards to the same-sex marriage issue I too hope she realize that it’s an important issue for feminist’s.

  2. Actually, Julia is very hated by a lot of people here in Aus. Sure, a lot don’t like Tony, but Julia has lied and backtracked over everything she has ever said and done since stabbing our then PM, Kevin Rudd, in the back to get the leadership. She was never technically voted for by the public and only stayed PM because she sucked up the backsides of the Greens and Independents.

    Julia Gillard is a bitch and most of us hate her. Regardless of what people think about what she said the other day, I hate the way she said it. When politics finally gets down to issues instead of sniping at each other it will be a day this country stops dead in shock.

    I hope I never come across Julia because I will call her every name under the sun and tell her what the old folks tell her, stop patronising us, insulting us and talking to us like we’re children and start doing what WE the people want you to do and not waste our tax dollars on overseas countries when so many of us are suffering on crappy wages and pensions while you live the high life.

    She wastes so much and yet does nothing for this country except to screw it up and make us suffer for it. Labor ALWAYS does that when it’s in power, and then the Liberals have to come along and fix it and try and save money again.

    The bitch needs to go! And come next election, she will!

    • My my, birds of a feather?

      Aside from telling off Abbot, Gillard– if what you say is true of her– is a typical pol in all respects. I doubt if the Lib pols are less pols than she is. Pols all jockey for power and attention, and spend money to satisfy their constituents/parties when in power.

      Representative and Parliamentarian democracy isn’t perfect. No government is perfect.No politicians are perfect, either.

    • Most of us do not ‘hate’ Gillard, the latest opinion polls have her ahead of Abbott. She did not stab Rudd in the back, his party did. As for the backtracking, the only thing I can think of that she lied about was the carbon tax. Howard did the exact same thing with the GST but now nobody cares. Why? Because they’re are politicians, they ALL lie.

      Just a general point, we don’t vote in leaders in Australia, we vote in representatives of a party who then has the freedom to choose who leads them. And since the last election was hung, yes she has had to suck up to the Greens and Independents, but Abbott would be doing the exact same thing if he was in government.

      Crappy wages and pensions? Are you serious? We live in one of the most prosperous countries in the world, our wages are scarcely ‘crappy’. Even if they were, WE JUST GOT OUT OF A RECESSION! Some sacrifices need to be made.

      Gillard has done a lot, especially with a hung parliament. She gotten has the carbon tax, which will help future generations, school reforms, the disability scheme, etc.

      Her stance on marriage equality is very disappointing though, although Abbott is even more homophobic. Also both parties really need to work towards a HUMANE asylum seeker policy.

      And is it really necessary to call her a ‘bitch’? Criticise her policies if you want but that type of sexist name calling is exactly what Abbott has perpetrated through his chauvinistic attitude. Abbott had this coming, good on Gillard for finally calling him what he is, a misogynist.

  3. “we have to admit we don’t heart about Gillard, “…
    don’t ‘heart’ about???
    Please stop using this kind of i-phone texting lingo–it is not dignified, not appealing, not conducive to effective communication to and about strong women.
    Hope you take my suggestion ‘to heart.’
    First I’ve heard about Gillard. Impressive person……what other woman high government officer in the world has such courage as she showed by calling out this sexist pig Abbot?


  4. while I applaud her for calling out his sexist tendencies. I would caution the magazine (and the writer)away from making her out to be any sort of feminist hero. she has continually apposed marriage equality (she is not a fan of LGBT people and has the potential to do more harm than good in that regard.) she is a staunch traditionalist, so I doubt she will champion any socially aqward causes for women.

  5. Mansplanning from Tony telling us women we shouldn’t trust Julia Gillard. Well given Ms. Gillard denounced misogynist Tony Abbott for his women-hating views this in itself is championing women’s fundamental right to be accorded dignity and respect.

    I note one commentator believes calling Ms. Gillard a ‘bitch’ is acceptable language but this commentator also demonstrates their women-hating views and I doubt this commentator would engage in sexually insulting language when disagreeing with a male politican’s views. This is what misogyny means – referring to women as ‘bitches’ rather than according them respect.

    Well said Ms. Gillard because powerful men such as Tony Abbott must be held accountable for their promotion of women-hating and male contempt for women. More males need to look in the mirror before they engage in women-hating and mansplanning language.

  6. Julia Gillard did not ‘engage in a rant’ – the term ‘rant’ is a misogynist one men commonly use to dismiss women whenever we dare to challenge men on their behaviour/attitudes towards women.

    Julia Gillard’s speech was one wherein she did not show any anger but succinctly provided overwhelming evidence of Tony Abbott’s public promotion of male contempt for women. Feminists who claim to be feminists must not engage in patriarchal universal language such as ‘rant’ because this undermines what we real feminists are demanding and that is an end to male hatred/male contempt for women because we are women not men.

  7. Now THAT’S a rant.

    I have a new favorite politician.

  8. Actually Julia Gillard has managed to negotiate support from independents to maintain a minority government, taken action against climate change by introducing a carbon tax, support and fund pay equity for (mostly women) in the community sector, introduce paid maternity leave, and a host of other things as well that improve the lot of women AND Australia has one of the strongest condo miles in the world with just 5% unemployment! And all of that despite constant barrage of attacks often based on her gender including one very vile cartoonist who constantly circulates sexually explicit cartoons of her to all members of parliament and our cowardly Abbott has never spoken out against that. She is a woman who earns our support.

  9. Sporty that should be one of the strongest economies

  10. Although I’d heard she’s not well liked in Australia before reading the comments about her, I must admit that I did appreciate her commentary. No male leader would ever have got the comments that she has had to deal with just because she’s a woman.
    It’s one thing making disparaging comments on issues you disagree with, but they shouldn’t be made referring to the genitals you have and are born with. We are people. Women *gasp* can be crappy individuals. Call them on their behaviour, not their sex.
    Also, the public may call her a bitch, they might call a male politician a bastard (although I feel insulting sweet female dogs and illegitimate children is very unfair), but leaders of a political party should be aware of the greater effect of their comments. They are voted for by men AND women and should therefore respect both. She was calling him on his hypocrisy and his ongoing comments about her as a woman and about women in Australia. Women are often expected to ‘laugh’ such comments off otherwise we aren’t ‘cool’ and ‘with it’. When he had the gall to say that Mr Slipper was sexist and that he should resign, Ms Gillard had enough. If we want to stop sexism at high levels, we have to call them on it and today, she did. If nothing else, it might, might, make him stop and think before he says something else disparaging about women. She reckons he’s incapable of learning, but I prefer to have hope for our men. So Mr Abbot – do you take up the challenge?

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