The Amazing Malala Makes First Video Statement

Picture 5Malala Yousafzai, the fearless 15-year-old girl from the Swat region of Pakistan who was shot in the head by the Taliban last year, has released her first video statement since her assassination attempt. This video was made public just days after surgeons at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital of Birmingham placed a titanium plate in her skull. Showing no vestiges of what happened to her except for a slight rigidity on the left side of her face, she reaffirmed, in perfect English, her mission to bring education to the girls of the globe.

Malala thanked those worldwide who prayed for her recovery, then encouraged support for the Malala Fund, an education nonprofit set up in 2012 with a $10 million donation from Pakistan that will help push forward Malala’s crusade for girls’ equality. The neurosurgeon who operated on Malala said she suffered no lasting brain damage after undergoing weeks of treatment at the British hospital and will hopefully be able to return to school soon.

Screenshot taken from Malala video statement


  1. Malala is an inspiration for the 100 brave Afghan women who share their stories, often at great risk, through the Afghan Women’s Writing Project. Please let them know the world is listening by commenting on their writing. Here is a recent post:

    “I became a feminist because I could not tolerate seeing my neighbor beat his wife. I could not listen to my teacher call me a bad girl for working on a project with boys. I could not tolerate injustice towards women. I could not see women stoned for choosing their future. I could not stand to see a man who raped a young girl walk freely in the street and not even be ashamed.
    I could not stand to see friends stop coming to school just because their brothers didn’t want them to attend and I could not tolerate seeing men touch women just because they were walking along the street. I could not see my old grandma put on a burqa and fall down because she couldn’t see.
    I am a feminist and I am proud of being one. I want to change the history of women in Afghanistan. I want the next generation of Afghan women never to go through what my Afghan sisters and I have gone through.
    I want to fight for their rights and take any kind of risk that is worth taking to bring more changes. I have a long way to go in order to achieve my dreams.”
    By Zahra A.

    • You are beautiful. Thank you.

    • I am an American Indian Elder and PhD who works in with cultural people all over the globe. I have been waiting to hear a clear voice like yours – an awake, conscious voice – for a very long time. May the winds of freedom and the gentle touch of our Ancestors bless your Path and keep you strong. thank you.


    The link above contains the full text of Zahra’s essay!

  3. Patricia Cummins says:

    A brave young lady! Shot in the head for advocating education for girls. Unbelievable, but true and unacceptable.

  4. Thank goodness her brilliant mind has not been harmed! I wish her all the strength and compassion she deserves.

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