Pissed at Perry? Let Him Know!

9144799131_58e89cedf2_nDespite massive protests and Wendy Davis’s epic 11-hour filibuster, less than 24 hours after anti-abortion bill SB 5 failed to pass in the Texas Senate, Gov. Rick Perry called for another month-long special session to shove his draconian bill through the state legislature. While a majority of Texans do not support SB 5, Perry, as well as his Republican supporters in the state’s House and Senate, are ignoring their constituents wishes and prioritizing abortion over bills that would improve transportation or deal with  juvenile justice issues.

But that’s not the worst of it. Perry attempted to shame Davis for being a teenage mother, implying that she was a hypocrite for being pro-choice. At a National Right to Life conference he said,

In fact, even the woman who filibustered the Senate the other day was born into difficult circumstances. She was the daughter of a single woman, she was a teenage mother herself. She managed to eventually graduate from Harvard Law School and serve in the Texas Senate. It is just unfortunate that she hasn’t learned from her own example that every life must be given a chance to realize its full potential and that every life matters.

Perry also had some harsh words for the protesters who showed up to support Davis and ultimately helped prevent the bill from passing. He accused them of using “mob tactics” and said,

The louder they scream, the more we know we are getting something done.

Davis responded to Perry’s charges with the calm she displayed on Tuesday during her filibuster, saying

Rick Perry’s statement is without dignity and tarnishes the high office he holds. They are small words that reflect a dark and negative point of view. Our governor should reflect our Texas values. Sadly, Gov. Perry fails that test.

Abortion-rights supporters are angry at Perry both for his comments and his decision to call a second session. Will you join them? The Feminist Majority Foundation has compiled several ideas for expressing your feelings here, or you can tweet about it using the hashtag #PissedAtPerry.

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  1. Erin Traylor says:

    Somebody hand Rick Perry a copy of Margaret Sanger’s autobiography, please, before I throw up.

    • Charles Soffar says:

      Gov. Perry – you are the unavowed, quintessential hypocrite. First, Senator Davis’s becoming a teenage mother was her choice – a choice to have the child, or not, which she fought for so other Texas women would have the same choice in the future. Second, Republicans are no strangers to mob activity to support their causes – during the disputed 2000 Presidential election, many Republicans “mobbed” election officials in disputed Florida counties to put pressure on local election officials attempting to recount the votes. So, Governor Perry, either you do not understand the concept of “choice,” or you are merely playing to the far-right portion of your supporters to force disgusting legislation down the throats of all Texans.

  2. Mary Haddad says:

    Dear Gov. Perry,

    You have no right to tell any woman what she can / cannot do with her own body and the fact that you went after Ms. Davis is a disgrace to the position that you hold. It was childish and completely uncalled for.
    You call yourself a good Christian Man? There is nothing “Christian” about how you spoke on Thursday.
    Until God gives you the gift of having and birthing a child, you have no right to comment, judge, condemn or chose for the women who do.


    Mary Haddad
    Pro-Choice and 14 weeks away from being a mother

    • Leah Sullivan says:

      Yes, just as you say – and you’ve said it so well! Lucky new person to come into life with you. All the best!

  3. Marie Kane says:

    Grow up and do something positive for your state.

  4. Annie England says:

    And this man Perry wanted to govern our nation – I shudder.
    Take care of the things that matter in your state & leave women’s issues to them.
    Sorry- I didn’t use your state title but I don’t feel you can be counted as a leader let alone a leader of a state. Tellin it like it is….

  5. Ashley Head says:

    Progressives of Texas UNITE! Stop the GOP’s WAR ON WOMEN!

  6. Sherry Marsh says:

    What right does any man have to legislate a woman’s choice and body. If she is pregnant you can bet a man is at fault.

  7. It’s his sanctimonious tone of voice that I couldn’t take. Keep your greasy voice and your dirty mind at home, Governor. If I wanted to hear a sanctimonious preacher comment about women and their choices, I’d go to church. But I don’t.

  8. Sherry Marsh says:

    No man has a right to legislate a woman’s choice or body.

  9. Joan Forman says:

    Disrespect and dishonor are not appropriate, ever, particularly for women. At 77, I have experienced sexism, sexual harassment, molestation, inequity in pay, disrespect by men, and yet I have achieved much, especially in a man-dominated field of endeavor. I concluded long ago that men have no right to decide what is best for me, for my health. Lucky for me that many men have compassion and honor feminism, including my husband. Shame on you.

  10. Mr. Perry, with all due respect (none), I urge you to go chase yourself around the Texas State Capital. Perhaps it will knock your brain (benefit of the doubt) back in place. Heart and soul? Too late.

    We WILL win this War On Women. You and other fundamentalist misogynistic GOP males are pushing your party off the deep end, and you’re the only ones who refuse to admit it.

    Donate and spread the word!
    Funds for financially-hurting women/girls to travel and obtain a safe abortion provider.

    When abortions are outlawed, only women will have abortions.

  11. Melanie Gulick says:

    Don’t bother considering a run for the U.S. presidency in 2016, Rick Perry. That horse is dead. It is unfathomable to me that men like yourself fail to consider that like any man, a woman wants to be free to determine what to do with her own body and life. I don’t think you value life. I think you value power and influence. Leave Texas women alone. Hurry up and finish your term as governor and don’t come back.

  12. Robert Cruder says:

    Some fiscal conservative!

    How much state money will he spend to pass another unconstitutional bill that will be immediately challenged and blocked?

    Perhaps it is like prayer.

    Christians want others to see them doing it even if it accomplishes nothing at all.

  13. Jill Berger says:

    Stop trying to make laws that are protecting all womens right to choose. Our bodies, our right to take care of ourselves and determine whether or not to procreate….

    Why do so many men like you focus on that rather than on taking care of all the babies and children who are without parents, without health insurance, hungry, homeless, etc.

  14. Eleanor Finney says:

    Texas hasn’t had a real leader since Ann Richards. Texas is growing up and Gov. Perry would do well to grow along with it. Leave women’s health to women and their doctors is just a starting place. Gov. Perry you are losing your grip/

  15. When you get a vagina, then let us know, until then shut the hell up!

  16. Sondra Edwards says:

    Wendy Davis for Governor of Texas!

  17. Virginia L DeHaan says:

    Dear Gov. Perry- I am a Grand Rapids, MI resident extremely disappointed in everything about your stance regarding abortion. Abortion is a right given to all (female) citizens via the Supreme Court of the USA. You and your ilk seek to deny this right by whatever means possible. Your tactics and personal conduct reveal you to be bad for governance of any (female) citizen. Shame on you!

  18. Elaine James says:

    Gov Perry,
    You are not a Christian, and not much of a man, you just have male equipment, maybe.
    You are a sexist, racist, nutjob, a real jerk. You certainly do not deserve the position you hold.

    I hope in your next life you return as a black woman in Africa. Then you can see what it feels like to be downtrodden, mistreated, discriminated again.

  19. Steve McIlree says:

    We live in southern New Mexico just up the road from Gov. Perry’s domain. It is very easy to see where priorities lie there when the traveling the Interstate and finding that it changes from smooth as silk to crumbling when you hit the state line. Come on Governor, get real and give a crap about the folks who live in your state!

  20. Debra Istvanik-Strotman says:

    Rick Perry, you are a dictator and we as Americans have fought and died in wars to remain free, have helped other countries so they could be free from dictators. So why do you think we would allow you to take away that freedom?
    The majority of Texans do not support SB 5. Sen. Wendy Davis filibustered successfully yet you ignore the rules, you ignore the majority of Texans. Something a dictator always does.
    You attack Sen. Davis calling her a hypocrite. Pro Choice means choice, and Wendy chose to have her baby which does not make her a hypocrite. Your ignorant attempt to insult Sen. Davis shows your ignorance in not understanding what ‘choice’ means.
    How dare you think you have the right to make a woman’s choice for her.
    Do everyone a favor and get out of politics, as in my opinion you are one among the many right wingers who want to rule the world. No place in America for dictators, so go quietly into the night Rick Perry and take you like minded ignoramuses with you.

  21. Rick Perry and the like wish to be dictators to force their opinions, and beliefs over all. It shows that they are of no religious faith, but only the use of mind control. We are not robots as he desires us to be, nor do we wish to be pushed back 80, or more years into the past.

  22. Berni Foster says:

    Perry is a coward who is terrified by women who are in charge of their own Selves. It is time for him and those like him to GO. Below is what I think of Perry and his ilk. We WILL remember.


  23. jan duhaney says:

    Governor Perry is a bear of very little brain. He seeks to push his values and ethics onto others although he is upending the constitution when he does. He is in soooo far over his head, he seems to have lost track of which way is up! As he tramples the US Constitution to do so, I hope he knows that people’s memories are VERY long about issues like this, and just a note to Perry from MITT Romney………beware videotape……..it is hard to change your position when there is video tape!!!

  24. Because of Gov. Perry’s actions regarding women and voters rights, as well as the recent behavior of republicans across the county, I will never again feel safe in voting for anyone in the Republican party no matter how “liberal minded” they pretend to be.

  25. I have a vagina and a uterus. I think you want your own. Sorry, but that doesn’t mean you get to control others’. Get over it – or you’re not going to be Governor for long.

  26. Leslie Horst says:

    Shame on you, Rick Perry.

  27. Reynolds Tenazas-Norman says:

    You are embarrassing Texas, and the woman you deride has risen to national prominence! She’s a beacon to freedom.

  28. Lauren Donna Graham says:

    There should never be even one man involved in any women’s issue, especially and specifically health issues. They have no standing or rights to address women’s issues. Rick, it is okay if you want to stay stupid, but do the world a favor and shut the hell up.

  29. Dear Gov. Perry,

    If you seek another term as Governor, I sincerely hope you are decidedly voted out of office in the next election by the women and men of Texas. They deserve a much better governor than you have shown yourself to be. Should you decide to make another attempt to run for President of the United States, you would never get my vote for that office either. I don’t vote for politicians that treat women as second-class citizens.

  30. Sue Dee says:

    Mr. Perry, Stay out of her health choices. Do some real work amd find jobs for the Americans that are aleady here and trying to support their families. Stay on these social issues and we have a guarantee your party will never be in power again!! Wouldn’t that be wonderful! Go Wendy!!!!!

  31. sandy schmidt says:

    Gov Perry and Texas GOP legislators — keep your “laws” off of women’s bodies and out of our bed rooms and lives. The pro choice people and lawmakers in your state should strongly consider introducing and passing legislation which regualated what male lawmakers can do with their bodies. They could start with laws requiring any male in Texas wishing to obtain meds to treat “erectile dysfunction” to first have invasive tests and meet with a counselor before any meds are prescribed. And such males should be forced to pay for this procedure and care!

  32. EmmaOnawa says:

    We really shouldn’t be surprised that Perry wants this special session. He’s a misogynistic, fundamentalist, embarrassing neanderthal who could survive only in the south. He has no idea what women need or want and is playing with a deck from the dark ages. In the 21st century we have a GOP party that is moving backwards. Fortunately, privileged white male loonies who terrified of losing their power are a dying breed.

  33. Elizabeth Barger says:

    Thank you Ms Davis, for your heroic stance in support of citizen’s rights and attention to the people’s wishes. Not only have you taken on a recalcitrant legislative body in Texas by your actions, you have consistently been strong in your support for education and other issues of importance to all tax payers and their families. The results at the end of the last session show that women and men of Texas will stand strong around you to keep the spittle and disrespect from ever touching you that plastic hair guy tried to smear over your efforts. Real Texans will not put up with that misbehavior.

  34. Dear Gov. Perry –

    Seriously? I mean really? As a Dallas resident and nearly life-long Texan and fellow Aggie, I can’t believe I actually have to ask you this. But being a girl who was taught to always ask first, here goes nothing: Dear Rick Perry–would you mind terribly keeping your theocracy and convservative thought process away from my body? Thanks.

    Here’s the thing… I have possesion of this particular body, so I get the ultimate say-so in its goings on. When you recieved your body, you recieved autonomy over it and all its activities. So, new plan… the second you recieve your uterus, you can do with it whatever you please. As long I have this one, to quote your broseph GWBush, I’m the decider.

    Since Ann Richards was amazing, but could never save our state, now that she’s no longer alive, can we at least break up with you post haste & get into an immediate hot rebound government with Wendy Davis?

    Eagerly await your next move Slick Rick.

    Yours in righteous fury,
    Heather L. Nelson

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