Brava, Diana Nyad!!!


110 miles

53 hours

64 years old

Fifth try in 35 years

Today, distance swimmer Diana Nyad finally completed her long-held dream to swim nonstop from Cuba to the U.S. without a shark cage!!!! Amazing, inspiring, heroic, fill in your own additional adjective ….

Photo of water in Key West, Fla., from Flickr user Fifth World Art under license from Creative Commons 2.0


  1. Wow! Now let’s make sure that the world doesn’t forget her accomplishment. If Nyad were a man, the world would have no problem remembering. So don’t let the world be sexist on this one.

  2. When I heard Diana’s name on the news on labor day….I remembered her from back in the 70’s when there were not a lot of women athletes to call role models. Now, she is 12 years older than me and accomplishes her life dream! I am so proud of her and mostly I am amazed how many lives she has touched. It is a story of hope, struggle and love. Diana is an open book and has made her mark. Bravo!

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