Menstrual Merchandise—For When Tampons Just Aren’t Enough

Everyone knows about pads, tampons and the Diva Cup—but the world of period products and services is much more innovative than you might think. From tampon-replacing underwear to reusable pads, menstruation is a new frontier for pioneering companies—often helmed by women entrepreneurs—that embrace women’s sexuality and health as well as work to further ethical practices. Let us know if you think we’ve missed anything or have any product reviews!

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user Luigi Mengato, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

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  1. Pssst….they’re called LunaPADS, not “LunaRags”….

  2. Brittany Accardi says:

    Intimina Lily Cup –

    I don’t know why this isn’t getting as much attention as some other options, but it’s the best thing I’ve tried and I’ll never go back to tampons. xx

  3. I have Thinx and they are fantastic. A but pricey yet but that will come down as they gain popularity. I’ve told everyone I know to get them. Wonderful customer service as well.

  4. Sara Sezun says:

    I’m surprised that some of these companies include chocolate with their packages because caffeine can cause menstrual cramps. It would be better if they were to include herbal teas such as chamomile.

  5. I’m disappointed with the lack of effort that has been put into this post. For a start LunaRags doesn’t exist they are actually called Luna pads and the photo you used for moon cup isn’t actually the moon cup uk, the menstrual cups in the photo is the brand Lunette cup. I love seeing these products gain more exposure but I do wish you would provide accurate information.

  6. If we really want to protect women’t health, we need to make sure those tampons are not only cotton, but organic cotton (certainly not GMO cotton!). Also, don’t bleach those cotton tampons. Bleaching is usually done with dioxin, a known carcinogen. And to protect the environment, let’s stop using plastic applicators and use bio-degradable paper. If that paper were made out of renewable hemp, rather than old-growth forests, even better!!
    While I applaud companys’ efforts to be green and health-conscious, we still have a ways to go. So, let’s keep going ’til we get there.

  7. There’s also sea sponges geared toward that purpose. They sound weird, but function like a reusable tampon…

  8. For me it is very important that my menstrual products are also organic and fair trade, so I mostly have been using Kulmine for the past few years – thats a company from Germany. 🙂 Kulmine has an english website too!

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