10 Books Every Feminist Should Read This Year

Now that Donald Trump has ushered in a new wave of woman-hating, it is time for feminists to delve back into the realm of consciousness-raising and resistance that result from reading books. Reading is an incredibly powerful process because it increases our awareness of how sexism works, where it takes place, and what types of ideological systems and activism can work to thwart its perverse power.

To help activate the “knowledge is power” paradigm which can lead to more freedom for women in all spheres of society, I propose that all feminists read the following 10 books this year.

Although it’s no secret that reading is one of the most effective consciousness-raising practices that we can engage in, I think the need to focus in on this form of knowledge-gaining is immensely important right now. In addition to reinstating the Global Gag Rule, Trump is planning to appoint pro-life judges who will oppose our reproductive rights and problematize our health. Moreover, Trump has created a social climate in which the ongoing, unabashed objectification of women through language and actions is permissible and prevalent.

Feminists should not take this political climate lightly.

While many forms of resistance are available to us, I believe that reading is one of the most powerful and productive of them. In so doing, we gain the knowledge and understanding necessary to speak truth to power in a dynamic manner that can convict the oppressor and inform the public.

Jocelyn Crawley is a 32-year-old freelance writer who resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Feminism is her deepest passion and she is excited about partnering with other women’s rights advocates in the years to come. When she is not reading and writing on feminist topics, Jocelyn enjoys sipping coffee and doing yoga.

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