We Heart: Girls From Around the World Lip-Syncing to Beyoncé to Fight Inequality

Today is International Day of the Girl, an annual celebration of girl power marked by activism and advocacy to end discrimination against girls around the world. Last year, Project Everyone asked women and girls to mark the occasion by sharing #WhatIReallyWant on social media. This year, they’re launching a campaign to win #FreedomForGirls—with a Beyoncé stamp of approval.

#FreedomForGirls is a project calling attention to and calling for action on various social and political challenges facing girls around the world. With organizational partners, the campaign is fight to end violence, FGM, child marriage, modern slavery, sex trafficking and the HIV/AIDS epidemic; sustain equitable education and smash stereotypes.

The campaign launched via a girl-power-infused video set to Beyoncé’s “Freedom.” While girls around the world sing and dance to the music, startling facts about the challenges they face flash on the screen. It’s a call to action that also serves as an uplifting spotlight on girls’ activism and everyday heroism—despite the inequities they face, girls are the ones waging the war for their own freedom.

Join the fight by posting about what #FreedomForGirls means to you and taking action at globalgoals.org/dayofthegirl.

Carmen Rios is the Digital Editor at Ms., Managing Editor of Argot Magazine and the co-host of THE BOSSY SHOW. Her work has also appeared at BuzzFeed; Bitch; Mic; MEL; Everyday Feminism and Autostraddle, where she was Community Director and Feminism Editor. She stays very zen in L.A. traffic. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

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