Maria Bello Can Take a Punch

Who would want to watch a show where, in the pilot, the female protagonist gets beaten in an alley until she’s bloody? You’re probably assuming that she was a victim of a crime. On the contrary. Maria Bello plays Jane Timoney, a police officer in New York City, and in the aforementioned scene she’s the […]

Laying the Smackdown on HIS Candy Ass

There is nothing more awkward than watching a guy beg for a woman’s number, even for the sake of comedy. No, especially for the sake of comedy. The now-viral video “Laying the SmackDown on Her Candy Ass – Get Her Number!”–whose popularity was helped by it being tweeted by Ashton Kutcher and The Rock–shows a bunch […]

American Idol: Enough with the White Guys with Guitars!

For the last three years in a row, American Idol has been won by a WGWG (White Guy With Guitar). Last week, the remaining two women of color were eliminated, leaving us with three white women, one black man, and five white guys with guitars (and a bass and a keyboard). I don’t like to tally […]

Stop Hitting on Me.

I’ve been unsure of how to approach this topic. But I think it must be said. Just because I am a young woman and I am alone does not give you permission to start hitting on me. I don’t want your attention. I just want a cup of coffee. I just want to pick up […]

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