Nicki Minaj and the Inevitable Politicization of Celebrity Abortions

Reprinted with permission from RH Reality Check.  Read the original here. If you ever want to see a perfect example of how the mainstream media perpetuates abortion stigma, look no further than the reactions to Nicki Minaj’s recent Rolling Stone interview, in which she discussed an abortion she had as a teenager. In a world where most […]

Reproductive Coercion, Domestic Violence and Anti-Choice Laws

As Martha Kempner recently reported, Roman Polanski—admitted rapist and all-around creep—doesn’t like it when women can control their own fertility. “I think that the Pill has changed greatly the woman of our times, ‘masculinizing’ her,” he said, firmly characterizing the ability to control your own body as a male-only privilege. “I think that it chases […]

8 Obnoxious Cliches about Men, Women and Sex in Otherwise Good TV Shows

Throughout most of its history, the general trend of television has been sexist, with lots of hysterical women driving dramas and lots of eye-rolling jokes about women being nags and prudes filling up sitcoms. The past decade, however, has seen a rise in high-quality television that strives to engage creatively with interesting, socially relevant ideas. […]

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