Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: A Feminist Look at the Olympics, Part 2

Thumbs Up for Kayla Harrison, who won the first women’s gold medal for the U.S. in judo on August 2 and who overcame great personal challenges to triumph at these London Games. Even though American Rusty Kanokogi, who fought for years to make women’s judo an Olympic sport, didn’t live to see Harrison make history […]

Inspired By Her Daughter: An Interview with the Co-Director of “Brave”

Brave, which came out on June 22nd, features a princess, Merida (Kelly Macdonald), who defies traditional gender roles and refuses to marry her potential suitors. The film features Pixar’s first woman protagonist and was Pixar’s first feature directed by a woman director, Brenda Chapman. Such a woman-centric film in an industry dominated by men grabbed our […]

We Love the Female Orgasm! Do You?

Starting college is pretty exciting; everyone’s meeting new friends, getting the hang of their classes, and, if they’re lucky, learning about female orgasm. A few weeks ago, my college’s Sexual Health Educators brought the program “I Love the Female Orgasm” to our student body. After seeing the attention-grabbing posters around campus, my roommate and I […]

Go East, Young Woman

Ever since I made my decision to attend Wellesley College, I find myself having to defend it to most of my high school classmates. Many of them know nothing about the school, and when I tell them about it they ignore its academic reputation and amazing alumnae. To them, it is simply a women’s college. […]

Throwing Around the Word “Rape”

It looked so wrong in the little instant messaging box: “I’m gonna get raped tomorrow.” For a moment, I was terrified that my friend faced serious sexual violence. But no, she was just concerned about her performance on an upcoming Advanced Placement test. I hear this word all too often in the hallways of my […]

Click! Hmmm, Aha! and Oh no!

I had my first feminist stirring, or “Hmmm” moment, in grade school when I noticed teachers always asked boys to help them carry boxes, move the mobile TV or assist with other physical chores. I accepted this at first because, I guess, I bought into the idea that I was just a weaker-than-the-boys girl. But […]

How To Be a High School Feminist

On our way to high school recently, I asked my friend, “Do you consider yourself a feminist?” After a slight hesitation, she responded, “Well, I support women’s rights and all, but I’m no bra burner.” Besides the fact that the bra-burning story is apocryphal, I was surprised by her answer. Is that what feminism meant […]

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