Three Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage (And Why They Will Fail)

As two landmark cases make their way to the U.S. Supreme Court this week, supporters of marriage equality are optimistic. A new Washington Post-ABC poll found that 58 percent of Americans surveyed think that lesbians and gay men should be allowed to marry, a record-high number and a complete reversal of poll results from just […]

More Women Than Men Affected by Marriage Inequality

As the nation prepares for next week’s historic Supreme Court hearings on marriage equality, it is important to note that women will be disproportionately affected by whatever decisions get made. That’s because female couples account for roughly two-thirds of existing legal same-sex marriages. This underreported fact is highlighted in an amicus (friend of the court) brief […]

Marriage Equality Wins Friends–Will They Influence the Court?

If all the supporters of marriage equality who sent briefs to the Supreme Court attended a wedding, the seating plan would be a challenge. Could Clint Eastwood sit in an actual chair next to President Barack Obama without hurling insults? Would footballers Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo bring their NFL teams? And how do you […]

Happy 200th Birthday, Elizabeth Bennet!

Elizabeth Bennet looks pretty good for a 200-year-old heroine. The protagonist of Jane Austen’s famous novel Pride and Prejudice first found her way into print on January 28, 1813, and she’s been entertaining and inspiring readers across the ages. Even though many worship the book as a love story that serves up the traditional happy ending–heterosexual marriage–feminists can […]

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen! Five Feminist Footnotes

Jane Austen was born on December 16, 1775, and in her 41-year life produced literary works that have enjoyed mass popularity and acclaim that only increases over time. Two hundred years ago, as she enjoyed her 37th birthday, Austen would have been anticipating the publication of her second novel, Pride and Prejudice, arguably the most […]

Marriage Equality is a Feminist Issue

2012 has been a huge year for marriage equality. In May, President Barack Obama declared support for the right of lesbians and gay men to marry–and then he resoundingly won re-election. Three new states approved gay marriage rights in ballot initiatives, and another defeated a constitutional ban. As December marches on, so, too, does the […]

Marriage Equality is Here to Stay!

What if the federal government decided to require fertility tests for married couples and declared that only couples capable of having children could marry and receive the marriage benefits? Or, what if a powerful coalition of Christian or Jewish or Buddhist (why not?) congresspeople decided that the government would only recognize marriages between people of […]

Marriage at the Supreme Court

Are you or someone you love in a committed same-sex relationship, hoping to get married? The national debate over marriage equality is about to enter a new phase, as multiple cases make their way to the United States Supreme Court. SCOTUS begins a new session next Monday, and today, in private conference, the Court will […]

40 Years of PFLAG: Thank You, Jeanne Manford!

At LGBT Pride parades around the country, the queer community always puts on a show. Rainbows, glitter, big hair, fabulous costumes, leather, dykes on bikes and partial nudity—pretty much anything goes, as participants let their freak flags fly. But the most beloved contingent of Pride marchers is seldom flamboyant. In fact, they often stand out […]

Live from Netroots Nation 2012: All the Feminism That’s Fit To Stream

Progressive online journalists and politicians will gather this weekend in Providence, R.I., for the seventh annual Netroots Nation conference. With sessions on blogging, social networking and strategizing, Netroots is the politics geek’s equivalent of Comic-Con—minus the crazy costumes. Leftist luminaries are always in attendance; among this year’s main attractions are Paul Krugman, Elizabeth Warren and […]

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