COFFEE: Where Feminism And Family Intersect

Imagine a space where feminism and family intersect. Where people from all walks of life get together to discuss—productively—the changing face of what constitutes a family, how they’re “made,” what they need to thrive and succeed and the various obstacles in their way. Where the topics tackled move beyond the work/life balance trope that, while […]

MOM BABY GOD: Going Undercover in the Anti-Choice Movement

Imagine heading out for a night of theater, only to end up chanting along with the rest of the audience: “We are the pro-life generation!” If you’re lucky enough to catch a performance of the currently touring MOM BABY GOD, you just might find yourself unexpectedly wrapped up in a “pro-life” slumber party, meeting all […]

The Femisphere: Young Feminists, Part 2

Continuing the conversation we started with young feminist bloggers here … The Femisphere: Do you think it’s accurate, as sometimes portrayed by mainstream media and even certain feminists, that young people aren’t as “into” feminism any more? Gloria Malone: Hell no! It’s a lazy and inaccurate statement. Just because young people’s feminism doesn’t look like […]

The Femisphere: Young Feminists, Part 1

Feminist youth are thriving, and much of their presence can be felt online. I had the chance to speak with three young bloggers about the work they do and their feelings on the future of feminism. Carmen Rios Carmen Rios is a writer and activist based in Washington, D.C., where she lives with her dog, […]

The Femisphere: Fitness Bloggers

In a culture that conflates health with a particular body type–often achieved via Photoshop–it’s both refreshing and a relief to read fitness posts that are actually about being healthy. Striving for a certain media-based idea of “perfection” seems to have become the norm when it comes to discussing health and fitness. Not only does this […]

The Femisphere: Bloggers From Canada

Women, Action and the Media (WAM!) recently released “Exploring the Canadian Feminist Blogosphere,” informed by research conducted on behalf of WAM! Vancouver. The report delves into the distinction between blogs that explicitly identify as feminist and those that come from a feminist sensibility. While it paints an interesting picture of the developing feminist blogosphere in […]

The Femisphere: Foodies and Food Politics

Without a doubt, food is an inherently feminist topic. Women are inundated on a daily basis regarding food—whether being told how to properly (and perfectly) prepare it, or how to control our intake of it for “ideal” weight purposes. While there is no shortage of both men and women who write about food online, what […]

The Femisphere: Latina Bloggers

Like many subgenres within the Feminist blogosphere, online content from Latina feminists is growing by the day and reaching more people than ever. These writers, of various ages and backgrounds, are focusing on topics that, despite best intentions, don’t always make it into the spotlight of mainstream feminism: immigration, racism, violence and indigenous women, and […]

The Femisphere: Fashion and Beauty Bloggers

It’s no big secret that both the fashion and beauty industries have significant issues that make them a challenge for many feminists. While there are certainly hosts of concerns within the two connected industries when it comes to race, body image, age and the promotion of sexist stereotypes, there are also aspects that are inherently […]

The Femisphere: Blogging on Faith And Religion, Part 2

In the second part of our Faith & Religion Femisphere roundtable (see part one and meet the participants here), we tackled the upcoming election and abortion as well as the place of religion within feminism. The Femisphere: What was your reaction to the way Martha Raddatz framed her question on abortion during the Vice-Presidential debates? […]

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