Feminist Litigators are Demanding Rights for Campus Sexual Assault Survivors—and Taking on Betsy DeVos

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos rescinded groundbreaking Obama-era guidance on campus sexual assault that made it easier for survivors to seek justice—and now, litigators are demanding her department reverse course.

The Ms. Q&A: Catharine MacKinnon Weighs in on the #MeToo Movement

Considering MacKinnon’s achievements in advancing workplace sexual harassment law in this country, I believed that her thoughts were not only warranted, but needed in this moment—so I sought her out and asked her about them.

Tennessee Lawmakers Want to Deny Critical Reproductive Health Care to the State’s Poorest Women

Politicians in Tennessee are trying to cut off sexual and reproductive health access to the over 500,000 women covered by TennCare, the state’s Medicaid program.

Feminists Respond to President Trump’s Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

There was a lot missing from the White House’s list of 34 statements (all from white men) about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh—so we compiled our own.

Flipping the Script on Campus Sexual Assault

A new program designed to empower women “to trust their judgement and overcome social pressures to be ‘nice’ when their sexual integrity is threatened” is proving to be a successful tool in fighting rape on college campuses.

What Brett Kavanaugh’s Court Would Mean for Women: Unpacking the Far-Right Record of Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

Kavanaugh’s nomination threatens the balance of the Court and endangers decades of progress for women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and civil rights in the United States.

The Ohio State University’s Sexual Misconduct Unit Dissolved in the Wake of Harrowing Claims From Survivors

Students who sought the resources of The Ohio State University’s Sexual Civility and Empowerment were told they were “lying,” “delusional” or “suffering from mental illness;” had “an active imagination,” “didn’t understand their own experience” or even “fabricated their story.”

The Battle for Transgender Equality Intensifies in New England

New Hampshire recently joined the rest of the states in New England in having comprehensive LGBTQ discrimination protections on the books—but in nearby Massachusetts, a fight to keep them in place just started.

The Federalist Society’s Threat to Feminism—and the Supreme Court

President Trump’s short list of potential Supreme Court Justice nominees was spearheaded by Leonard Leo, the now-former executive vice president of The Federalist Society—a conservative organization of lawyers whose connections and members comprise 24 of the 25 names listed on it.

The Navy Won’t Let This LGBTQ Activist Speak at Pride—Because She Doesn’t Like the President

The U.S. Navy and Department of Defense had booked LGBTQ activist Melanie Nathan to speak at a Pride event—but then they found her Twitter account. Now, she’s suing her government to protect her right to free speech.

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