At the Risk of Sounding Angry: On Melissa Harris-Perry’s Eloquent Rage

melissa harris-perry

The Internets were all abuzz over the weekend sharing clips of our collective Black feminist shero Melissa Harris-Perry’s Saturday morning show. During the show, she lost her cool with panelist Monica Mehta, a conservative financial expert, when Mehta brought up risk-taking by entrepreneurs. (“What is riskier than being poor?” asked Harris-Perry, her voice rising.) After […]

White Women’s Rage: 5 Thoughts on Why Jan Brewer Should Keep Her Fingers to Herself


What is wrong with this picture (the now-infamous AP photo of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer shaking a finger in Barack Obama’s face)? 1.) He is the President. She is being disrespectful. As hell. Period. Point Blank. End of Discussion. 2.) White privilege conditions white people not to see white rage. However, it makes them hyper-aware […]