The Politics of Fighting Child Sex Trafficking in the U.S.

Despite broad-based, bi-partisan support for laws against child sex trafficking, the politics behind them are complicated.

Taking On Rachel Mitchell’s “Outrageous,” “Ridiculous” and “Disingenuous” Memo Attacking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Mitchell’s memo is yet one more example of how the legal system so often fails survivors.

What the Midterms Could Mean for Survivors of Rape, Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

The very lives of women and girls—our safety at home, in school, in the workplace and on the streets—are at stake.

The Female Face of Men’s Misogyny

In 1991, a group called “Women for Judge Thomas” led the fight to discredit and silence Anita Hill. The organization, which went on to become the Independent Women’s Forum, is now one of the right-wing groups supporting Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court—with support from rich, white men like the Koch brothers.

We Can All Fight #DoctorSexAbuse

The American Medical Association has never addressed the topic of sexually abusive doctors—but Dr. Meg Edison is insisting they act.

Change Is Coming: Nine Ways Feminists are Fighting Back Against Sexual Harassment and Workplace Discrimination

Women workers, celebrities, feminist leaders and Congress members are demanding changes in laws to hold predators accountable for sexual harassment and assault. Here’s the plan.

Time’s Up for Sexually Abusive OB/GYNs

I know how it feels to realize that a doctor sexually abused you on their examination table. OB/GYN Robert A. Hadden assaulted me on at least two occasions, including when I was pregnant.

The Racist Roots of Rape Culture

The #MeToo movement can strike U.S. rape culture at its roots by centering the sexual assault and abuse of Black women.

How Billionaires Are Hijacking Our Democracy—And How We Can Resist Them

“The wider right led by the Koch cadre and the Republican officials that they helped put in office is taking dead aim at the things that make women’s lives livable.”

Fighting Fake Facts About Abortion

Under the guise of protecting women’s health, anti-abortion legislators have enacted over 400 restrictions on abortion since 2011, often justified by claims to make abortion safer—and voters believe them.

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