This Week in Women: Fighting For A More Just New Year

It’s only the fifth day of the year, and we’re starting strong.

This Week in Women: A Key Election Highlights Women Voters

On talking about the Black women who “saved us,” the flurry of harassment stories that are continuing to shatter silence and taking women seriously.

This Week in Women: Journalists are Breaking the Silence

Several big stories broke this week exposing efforts to silence and threaten women seeking justice for rape and sexual assault.

This Week in Women: Hollywood’s Sexism is Bigger Than Its Latest Scandal

Women journalists broke this story—and now, women journalists  are pushing their audiences to see Hollywood’s latest sexual abuse scandal as bigger than Harvey Weinstein. Of course it is. 

This Week in Women: Gun Violence, Abortion and Nuclear War

Around the world, women are at front of movements promoting peace and non-violence. This week, that matters more than ever.

Tracking—and Funding—Women’s Progress in the Age of Trump

Next week kicks off the annual UN General Assembly. For women’s rights observers, it’s worth a check-in: How are women doing worldwide?

Extreme Weather and Women’s Rights

This week’s extreme weather has prompted attention to the impact of human-induced global warming, but not to the gender issue driving climate change: overpopulation.

Harvey, Women and Telling the Full Story

Women may not be the ones carrying bodies out of submerged houses and cars, but their role in conflict and post-disaster goes far beyond victimhood. 

Terrorism Recruitment is Being Driven by Bride Prices

Many young, male recruits who are driven to terrorist organizations for financial reasons are actually aspiring to use the money to help themselves and their brothers get married.

Turkish Women Rising

As Turkey descends into increasingly authoritarian and Islamist rule, one group of activists has refused to keep quiet, catapulting the fight for women’s rights into the spotlight.

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