This Week in Women: It’s Long Past Time We Took Gender-Based Crimes More Seriously

An Islamist in Mali is being tried by the International Criminal Court in a “groundbreaking case” for forcing hundreds of women into sexual slavery. Meanwhile, Trump is going the other direction.

This Week in Women: Violence Against Women Hurts Communities Around the World

Where domestic violence and violence against police intersect, India’s “acute national shame” over a muted response to rape and a staggering number of sexual assault complaints from immigrant detainees made headlines this week.

This Week in Women: What Trump (and the Mainstream Media) Got Wrong About Immigration and Rape

Once again, control of and concern for women’s sexuality played a central role in a major news story this week—but more as a political football than as an issue of true value in and of itself.

This Week in Women: Trump’s Military Budget is No Match for Women Peacemakers

Donald Trump approved the largest U.S. military budget in history. Russia is ramping up their own arsenal and diplomats are disappearing. But around the world, women are still fighting for peace and security.

Center-Framed: Women, Peace and Security on the Big Screen

From Liberia to Egypt and Northern Ireland, Peace is Loud’s documentaries place women at the heart of stories of peace and war.

This Week in Women: We Need More Seats at Tables Around the World

A delegation from Saudi Arabia was greeted by the president and White House staff for a meeting that didn’t include a single woman on either side. Vermont is now the only state that has never sent a woman to Congress. And in Russia, journalists joined a boycott after a government ethics commission ruled in favor of a high-ranking lawmaker accused of sexual harassment by three female reporters.

This Week in Women: Making Every Day International Women’s Day

Women’s voices broke through on International Women’s Day. Let’s make the day after just as empowering.

This Week in Women: It’s Time to Talk About How Gender Shapes Gun Violence and Global Conflict

It’s time to close the “boyfriend loophole,” bring women to peace tables in Syria and stop erasing women’s rights from human rights.

This Week in Women: Fighting For A More Just New Year

It’s only the fifth day of the year, and we’re starting strong.

This Week in Women: A Key Election Highlights Women Voters

On talking about the Black women who “saved us,” the flurry of harassment stories that are continuing to shatter silence and taking women seriously.

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