Would I Lie To You? CPCs Claim Protection Under First Amendment

On Friday, a federal appeals court heard arguments over the constitutionality of two Maryland ordinances which require crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) to provide clear and public information regarding the services they offer to women. For those who are unaware of them, CPCs are anti-abortion organizations masquerading as women’s healthcare centers. They often use misleading advertisements […]

Future of Feminism: The Hashtag Is Mightier Than the Sword

Twenty years ago, feminist activism might have meant writing a letter to your congress(wo)man or picking up a pen to sign a petition. Nowadays it’s much more likely to involve Twitter, Facebook or online petitions, as feminists begin to use social media to effect change. In a society where communication has never been easier yet […]

NEWSFLASH: Idaho Mandatory Ultrasound Bill Stalls, May Die

In a week in which anti-choice legislation seems to be coming thick and fast, some positive news finally emerged this morning: SB1387, the Idaho bill which would make it mandatory for women seeking abortions to first undergo an ultrasound, has been temporarily removed from the Idaho House agenda. Yesterday, Idaho Rep. Tom Loertscher, chairman of […]

Rush Limbaugh: The Descent of (a) Man

Feminist victories continue to pile up in the wake of Rush Limbaugh’s attack on Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who testified in favor of the Affordable Health Care Act’s contraceptive coverage regulation and was subsequently labeled a slut and a prostitute by the broadcaster. The social media response was immense: the #FlushRushNow campaign on Twitter, […]

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