Anonymous Feminist Street Artist Bambi Isn’t Backing Down

In this tumultuous political era, the British-based Bambi is not sitting quiet.

Young Feminists from Los Angeles to Kathikhera are Fighting for Global Menstrual Equity

Young feminists in southern California are working with women and girls in India to fight period stigma and help increase access to menstrual products. We talked to five of them about their activism and their motivation.

5 Fast Feminist Facts About The 20-Week Abortion Ban Headed to the Senate Floor

Last week, the House advanced HR 36—a bill that would criminalize abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy nationwide—to the Senate. President Trump has already stated that he would sign the bill into law, should it ultimately end up on his desk.

Q&A: Reproductive Justice Champion Loretta Ross on Resistance and Redefining Our Fight

Ross talked to Ms. about the power of a reproductive justice framework, what she’s working toward and thinking bigger than resistance.

Q&A: Dr. Willie Parker on Building Bridges and Changing the Debate Around Abortion

” I can build a bridge, but I can’t make anybody cross it. I’m more interested in constructing the bridge.”

When the Personal Becomes Political: Exploring the Power of Abortion Storytelling

Two researchers set out to explore what would happen if women were in an environment in which they felt safe disclosing their reproductive histories—and found that women had the capacity to change their friends’ perspectives with their own stories.

Confronting Women’s Hunger

Women’s groups have come together to bring attention to the gendered nature of the hunger epidemic in the U.S. through the power of art and advocacy with a traveling conversation and immersive exhibit program crossing through dozens of metro areas in 16 months. This is Hunger, which is part museum exhibit, part theater, offers a unique opportunity for guests […]

Because a Period Should End a Sentence, Not a Girl’s Education

In developing countries throughout the world—including Afghanistan, Uganda and India—between 25 and 57 percent of adolescent girls miss school or drop out all together because of their periods. Girl activists from LA and a filmmaker have joined forces to change that.

Turning the Tables

Proposed legislation in Texas confronted anti-abortion laws by attempting to regulate a man’s private masturbatory habits and restrict his ability to purchase Viagra.

Activists Call for Police Reform in Wake of Justine Damond’s Death

Justine Damond, a 40 year-old Australian woman living in Minneapolis, was shot and killed outside her home by police Saturday night after she called 911 to report a potential assault.

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