Ms. Muse: Mary Oliver’s Escape

The fact that this master poet, in the last decade of her life, felt inspired by other women writers to be “braver”—and worked to write those new poems—suggests that Mary Oliver finally exited the building that had once sucked all the air out of her body, and escaped that “broken house” of her childhood once and for all.

Ms. Muse: Liliya Yamkina’s Love Song

She longs for the snowy tundra, folk tales around the bonfire, her magic being needed. Isolated, she feels forgotten. But in her apartment, she keeps a notebook in a closet, and in that notebook, she writes love songs—love songs for the tundra.

Ms. Muse: What Happens When You Give a Girl a Pen

This is what can happen when you ask a girl to tell a story.

Ms. Muse: Christine Sloan Stoddard on the Urgency of Making Feminist Art After Kavanaugh

In this month’s edition of Ms. Muse, the prolific writer and visual artist shares new work from a forthcoming book and talks about the challenges of her childhood, the dissolving wall between literature and the art world and the urgency of creating after Kavanaugh.

Ms. Muse: Jessica Helen Lopez on Writing like a Xingona, Poetry as Medicine and the True Honey of Freedom

In this month’s installment, Jessica Helen Lopez—two-time Women of the World City of Albuquerque Champion and former Albuquerque Poet Laureate Emeritus and Poet-In-Residence for the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History—shares a new poem and talks to Ms. about jumping out of the shower to write, reclamation and thriving between languages.

Ms. Muse: Anastacia-Reneé on Poems Living in the Body, What Women Writers Need and Raising a Fist

In this edition of Ms. Muse, Seattle’s Civic Poet shares two new poems and demands space for women writers to thrive.

Ms. Muse Independence Day Special: Three Feminist Poets Take on the Border Crisis

This month’s special installment of Ms. Muse features new works by three feminist poets—Simone-Marie Feigenbaum, Jess Burnquist and Lisha Adela García—about the southern border and how the U.S. treats immigrants seeking to live and work in America—people risking their lives to save their lives.

Ms. Muse: Samantha Thornhill on Calypso Culture, Lost Black Lives and Spirit Channeling

Poet, educator and spoken word artist Samantha Thornhill shares two new poems—and talks to Ms. about writing lost Black lives and the Black women poets who changed her life.

Ms. Muse: Lauren K. Alleyne on Form, Fairytales and the Impact of Feminist Poetry

In the first installment of Ms. Muse, Lauren Alleyne shares two new poems and reflects on vulnerability, strength and the loneliness of competition.

Ms. Muse: This is a Feminist Poetry Manifesta

Ms. is carving out a new discovery place for riotous, righteous and resonant feminist poetry to nourish and give voice to a rising tide of female resistance—and it starts right here.

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