Newsflash: 12-yr-old Bride Dies from Post-Coital Bleeding

CNN reports that a 12-year-old Yemeni girl died of injuries to her genitals a few days after her arranged marriage to a much older man. The story comes via the United Nations Children’s Fund and the Sisters’ Arab Forum for Human Rights (SAF), a women’s advocacy group in the region that denounces child marriage. The […]

How We’re Doing: Women Experts on the Radio

It seems NPR isn’t quite as balanced as we think–or so NPR ombudsman Alicia Shepard discovered after conducting a gender analysis of the network’s programming. With the help of NPR librarian Hannah Somers, Shepard examined how often women appeared as commentators and experts on the network’s regular programs over 15 months. The pair found that, […]

90210 Hearts Gloria Steinem (and Ms. Magazine)

We know our audience here at Ms. magazine. Which is why we’re pretty sure you didn’t catch this week’s episode of the new 90210 and, in particular, requisite quirky girl Erin Silver’s shout-out to Ms. Here’s how it went down (sorry, we don’t have a clip): Adrianna: Hey, I wanted to bring you both a […]

Masculine Science v. Marie Curie

The persistent dearth of women scientists has been researched, contested and speculated upon in recent years, with study after study interpreting this paucity as born of bias, biology or some combination of both. But amid this understandable concern about why so few women succeed in science, another significant question is often neglected: how the few […]

How We’re Doing: Maternal Mortality Increasing in the US

In the ongoing furor over abortion and health care, there’s an issue at the intersection of the two that has gone little-examined: maternal health. A new Amnesty International report released before this weekend’s critical vote–in combination with a call for action to President Obama–reveals a problem that remains under most people’s radar: Maternal mortality rates […]

Philippine Condom Giveaway Hailed

Today, the Philippine Commission on the Status of Women hailed the Department of Health’s recent condom distribution program, responding to intense disapproval of the program from Malacañang Palace and the powerful Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. The controversial program, Ingat Lagi, My Valentine (“Take care always, my Valentine”), distributed free condoms at flower booths […]

How We’re Doing: Women and Wealth

A recent study by the Insight Center for Community Economic Development has been making the rounds–in large part because the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette literally made headlines out of it last week when it zoned in on this rather surprising statement on page 7 of the report: While white women in the prime working years of ages […]

Newsflash: D.C. High School Hires Woman Football Coach

The Washington Post reports that a high school in D.C.  has hired a woman as head coach of its varsity football team. Natalie Randolph, 29, has played women’s professional football for five seasons and served as an assistant coach to another D.C. high school for two seasons. She was officially introduced at a press conference […]

Choosing Abortion in Utah May Be Criminal Act

A controversial bill signed by Utah governor Gary Herbert yesterday has been widely criticized for potentially criminalizing miscarriages–but the real danger of the new law is its potential to criminalize women who have abortions. The “Criminal Homicide and Abortion Amendments” bill defines as homicide the death of a fetus caused by “intentional or knowing” acts […]

The Verdict: U.S. Sex Tourist Gets 20 Years

Donald Mathias, 64, was sentenced to 20 years in prison last week for sexually abusing two Filipina girls, ages 11 and 12, while visiting the Philippines in 2007 and 2008, according to GMA News. Mathias met the girls online and arranged his trips with their mother, who has since been charged with child abuse and […]

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